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Tell Your Tale: Bottom 5 & Top 10 Episodes/Every Episode Ranked



So after re-watching the entire series of Tell Your Tale in celebration of Make Your Mark’s second chapter premiering soon, I decided to make a Bottom 5/Top 10 list of every episode so far, as well as a ranking of every episode. The reason I’m only doing five for the bottom is because no episode of the show is actually bad, just weak in comparison to the good-quality episodes we normally get. To ensure the fairest judgment I could, I made sure to re-assess every episode, and lo and behold, my opinions on some of the episodes changed. Starting from the bottom…

Bottom 5

5. Sunny-Day Dinners

The only episode I have ranked as a “good episode” to make this list. It’s really only weak for a Sunny episode, but with a plot that’s essentially just a G5-ified Castle Mane-ia and the most memorable jokes being pancake drool and “earth ponies not cleaning their underwear” when they don’t even wear clothes, you would’ve expected something better even before Sunny episodes made a name for themselves.

4. The Unboxing of Izzy

I used to really like this episode, but my feelings changed for it. It’s still moderately good, but the somewhat childish nature of the plot and the main characters’ actions does not particularly appeal to me anymore. Ha ha, destruction of other ponies’ property, swinging on a rope, and “I’m in a box, so I am a box!”…uh, ha ha? I love me some Hitch, but when Hitch is the only character in the episode acting like a grown-up, it’s not so much fun to watch.

3. It’s T.U.E.S. Day

No change of opinion on this one, the me from the past is still correct. It’s just a standard episode. The most vanilla episode of the entire series. A typical “character is lonely so they make their own friend out of stuff” kids show plot with no real spin. The comedy and storytelling are both incredibly mid with nothing standing out besides the scene where Izzy actually goes to watch Trotformers. Can’t think of any better episode to describe as, “…Well, it’s an episode.”

2/1. Mane Melody/Clip Trot

Everyone knows I’m much more of a Hitchhiker than a Pippsqueak…but I know good-quality Pipp episodes when I see them. And while there are things I enjoy about these two episodes, I have a very good reason to have them both tied for the number one spot on the Bottom 5. Both of these two episodes have the same giant flaw…they’re too commercial.

Mane Melody is too much about promoting the show’s “theme song” and Clip Trot is too much about promoting MLP fans who like TikTok to give MLP free advertising on everyone’s favorite degeneracy-endorsing app. Mane Melody suffers from the worst pacing I’ve seen in the entire series. The episode is about Pipp trying to give Phyllis a good makeover at a salon, thus, the episode spends almost two minutes on a song that builds to a scene with Posey. Posey has nothing to do with the actual conflict, what were they thinking? There’s hardly any humor in this episode too, with Phyllis being made the primary source of amusement. Most of her dialogue is just rambling about the businesses she got shut down, you know, the lives and dreams she destroyed, while only receiving comeuppance in the form of getting a bald spot. At least there’s a heartwarming moment with Pipp and Zipp, but even that isn’t unique, done better in Making a Foal of Me. Nostalgia for the song is not a strong reason for revering this one either, especially when the song is something we hear very often in the show.

Clip Trot has better humor…but is still marred terribly by its stupid premise, having what is still easily the stupidest plot of the entire show so far. “Yay, we’re trending #1 on Clip Trot…..yay, I’m sure someone out there cares?” It tries hard to do its best for what it’s worth, but it’s unfortunately doomed from the start to not amount to much. At least the song in this one builds to scenes that actually have to do with the “conflict”, but the song still serves as a way to pad out the story. And of course, the way Pipp just conveniently solves everything by remixing her friends’ silly dance moves to a slightly altered version of the song…it’s so corny, and more “bad corny” than “good corny”. But hey, at least there’s a clear silver lining. Not only did this show get the weakest Pipp episodes so far out of the way early, it also got the weakest episodes period so far out of the way early.  

I’m also glad to finally get the negative stuff out of the way, let’s move onto the positive stuff with the Top 10.

Top 10

10. Pony Partay

I used to only find this one to be an adequate episode, but my feelings changed for it for the better. I criticized it in the past for having less-than-original storytelling with its predictable conclusion and repetitive music, but even Friendship is Magic gave us great episodes with predictable conclusions and the music definitely did not feel repetitive to me once I caught that the song would change to a different character singing depending on who was partying with Sunny. Even the lyrics change at one point with Zipp. The best way to enjoy this episode is to enjoy it like you would a party, relish it in the moment. With something fun always going on, whether it’s a good joke or an interesting new way for Sunny to suffer for our entertainment, this episode is truly fitting for its theme.

9. Neighfever

I still can’t believe they actually made a catchy song out of sneezes…but more importantly, I still love how this episode’s plot not only did a good job of putting a background character in the spotlight, but also did a good job addressing a problem that would inevitably result from a crucial development in the G5 series’ lore. Another pleasant surprise this episode provides is some well-done gross humor that tied in perfectly with both the song and the plot. Who would’ve expected mucus to solve the problem, only for us to get a twist at the very end about how it won’t be solving the problem for long?

8. Dumpster Diving

The only “divisive” episode to make this list. We all seem to agree that Izzy’s trash song is a national treasure, yet another pleasant surprise with G5 making the best out of the gross, but some are actually very critical of this one, citing Izzy’s “sociopathic” behavior as the reason they don’t like it. Interestingly, this episode takes place right after Zipp wrongly accuses all of her friends of larceny over something easily explainable and we all find that funny. Yet Izzy is a “sociopath” because she acted like a jerk wanting to do something to help a friend. No, Izzy is just supposed to be like a kid, lacking a mature understanding of how others have a personal space. Not to mention that Posey is an unlikable character we’re supposed to enjoy seeing receive torment, which only comes in the form of cartoonish hijinks where she doesn’t actually get hurt. Izzy is a lovable jerk here the same way Zipp can be a lovable jerk, consistently providing us with hilarious antics, and with an important development to her unicycling habit, this truly is a misunderstood gem of an episode.

7. Another Pony’s Trash

Now this one is the biggest pleasant surprise of G5 making the best out of the gross, everything about this episode just seems to click right into place despite the fact that the plot is about cleaning up trash. This is the kind of plot that anyone can relate to, however, since towns turning into trash heaps is a real issue that plagues us in real life. Not only is the story very relatable, it’s also very heartwarming how everyone gets together to solve the problem at the end, even causing Sunny’s alicorn powers to develop. Count the fact that this episode is also consistently funny from start to finish, my favorite jokes still coming from Rufus, and what is there not to love?

6. Maretime Bay Day 2.0

My absolute favorite Pipp episode, this one towers over the first two centered around her. Every part of the first minute and a half of it had me chuckling, with my favorite joke still being that surprisingly dark one with Posey being eaten by a flower, then it had me actually feeling for Pipp as a character on an emotional level. From plots about trending on social media to plots about real emotion, the evolution is stunning. It’s also stunning how this episode doesn’t try to piggyback off of the Make Your Mark opener it serves as a sequel to at all, it does such a good job doing its own thing with its own combination of emotional moments and jokes, even using a reprise of Let Out Your Light to great effect.

5. Alicorn Issues

Believe it or not, I used to only look at this one as a good episode, not a great episode. Strong plot with some excellent character development for Sunny, not so strong in the humor department. Or so I thought until I re-watched it and realized that this episode is actually pretty funny. Every scene of character interaction leading up to the moment with Hitch gives me something to laugh at now (MAYBE IF I ADD FIRE), and that moment with Hitch is honestly one of my favorite moments of the entire show. And the way we get to see Sunny perform a deed of heroism at the end on top of everything, it’s very easy for me to see now why this one is not only good, but great and deserving of being considered one of the best.

4. My Bananas

Once again, would you believe that I didn’t see this one’s greatness at first either? Again, it was good to me, but I didn’t see why it was one of the show’s most popular episodes. Now, however, I do. Relatability is a major selling point of it. As is the message. We all screw up like Sunny does at some point, we all need to learn how to own our fails. Especially in this day and age where our fails can go viral and easily become memes. Even as G5 bringing MLP into a modern setting will never appeal to some people, this episode is definitely the shining example of why G5’s modernized take works. It’s not trying to pander to “the modern audience”, it’s just showing us what we do, and it does it in the most entertaining way possible in this episode. Every character’s reaction to Sunny’s slip-up (no pun intended) is brilliant, Pipp fills her role of being the one to step up and help Sunny beautifully, even the ending is perfect. Just talking about this one makes me want to go back and watch it again.

3/2. Foal Me Once/The Game is Ahoof

That’s right, we have another tie. This time though, I’m glad to have a lot to say, since this time, we have a contest between two things I love to laud to high heaven. As you already know, I’m much more of a Hitchhiker than a Pippsqueak, and still a good lot more of a Hitchhiker than a Zippster. Regardless, however, it’s a battle for the silver between the best Hitch episode to me and the best Zipp episode to me. Both of these episodes are the best “mystery” episodes of the entire MLP franchise to me, better than the “mystery” episodes in Friendship is Magic (and Pony Life, but I digress).

Foal Me Once showcases why Hitch exemplifies a “good cop” so well. He honestly cares about justice, will even go so far as to lock himself up if he believes he’s committed a crime, and even if that crime were to benefit him, he’d still bring justice to the perpetrator while understanding things from their perspective. The Game is Ahoof, by contrast, shows off why Zipp makes for the perfect “bad cop”. She’s quick to jump the gun with accusations, looks at the evidence with a bias, and acts before she thinks. What makes Foal Me Once such a joy to watch is the humor in Hitch being a lovable doofus. What makes The Game is Ahoof such a joy to watch is the humor in Zipp being, you guessed it, a lovable jerk. My favorite part of Foal Me Once is the ending with its hilarious twist, while my favorite part of The Game is Ahoof is how the build-up to what seems like the culprit being uncovered is actually the build-up to an iconic series staple.  

In the end, I simply could not make a choice. Even disregarding my Hitch bias, I’d still find it incredible how Hitch was the only character who did not have to wait for a stellar episode focused solely on him and one showing off the best of his character at that, unlike all the other main characters who had to wait to get a fantastic episode (even as I think Nightmare Roommate is a really good episode, it’s not top-tier), but The Game is Ahoof was even more enjoyable to me when I re-watched it and caught more things to appreciate. Zipp actually gives her own friends mugshots like they’re criminals over missing sunglasses…it gets even better when you let it sink in how hilariously terrible that is. Comedy-wise, I prefer The Game is Ahoof, and plot-wise, I prefer Foal Me Once. And since Tell Your Tale is a comedy series, this is where I reach an impasse, especially with Foal Me Once’s story only being slightly superior to me. I can’t disregard the importance of humor in a comedy show, nor can I disregard the importance of a strong plot. Especially when the number one spot is reserved for the episode with my absolute favorite plot…

1. Starscout Code

Oh yeah. This one’s still a masterpiece. This one still makes me go, “That right there is why you’re the best, boss!”. I’ve praised so many episodes for good character writing, good humor, good storytelling, and heartwarming moments. How about an episode that has all of that and showcases exactly not just what G5 should be about, but what the entire MLP franchise should be about? A group of friends going on adventures to try and learn more about the mysteries of their world. Yeah, I really don’t feel that it’s a coincidence how all three of my favorite episodes of this show are “mystery” episodes. This one, however, is not about detectives on a case. The mystery of this episode gives you every reason to be fully engrossed in it, since it’s a mystery that sheds light on what happened in the world of G5’s past. Yes, on top of everything, it also develops the show’s lore. What more can you ask for?

Well, some ask for this episode’s plot to be done in a longer format. Understandable, since this kind of story is admittedly not easy to tell in five minutes. But that’s another strength of it. How well it tells a story like this in just five minutes, even bringing a character who’s passed away into the plot. And while the plot is still this episode’s strong point, I was able to find more humor to be amused by too, like how Hitch tries to lift up the throne with his animals at first when he can use magic. The way it ends too with every pony together with Argyle’s hopes being fully realized is a beautiful moment I appreciate even more now too, and it’s another one of my favorite moments of the entire show. It’s the perfect ending to what is so far the show’s magnum opus.  

That's it for the Top 10, here are the rankings now. If you've read my initial thoughts on every episode, have fun looking at some of the things that have changed...


Great Episodes

Foal Me Once

Maretime Bay Day 2.0

The Game is Ahoof

Alicorn Issues

My Bananas

Starscout Code

Very Good Episodes

Nightmare Roommate

Dumpster Diving

Making a Foal of Me


Another Pony’s Trash

On Your Cutie Marks

Pony Partay

Good Episodes

A Home to Share

Sisters Take Flight

Zipp’s Flight School

Sunny-Day Dinners

Queens for a Day

Lost in Translation

One Trick Pony

Zipp’s Yes Day


All That Jazz

Moderately Good Episodes

The Unboxing of Izzy

It’s T.U.E.S. Day

Decent Episodes/Guilty Pleasures

Mane Melody

Clip Trot

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Maybe Clip Trot is Just a guilty pleasure for me because of The Pony Hip Hop, but I think the general, "do your own thing, and see if the world loves it" is alternative enough to the modern touch of the likes of TikTok...(I was thinking more like Rarity in Spice Up Your Life) the Pony Hip Hop slaps and I would blast that at max volume rolling down the street almost indefinitely... 

It's interesting to me that you don't really like Sunny Day Dinners, I thought it was nice to have a sentimental simplistic moment, always am a sucker for the shooting star, but this one rather bc you say you like Hitch and AGAIN it may just be me, but the serious regards of which Hitch takes his friendships... Like Hitch practically having a meltdown bc Sunny and Izzy haven't made it back at a reasonable time, helps sell to me how genuine the friendship between the ponies are, ESPECIALLY we know how close Sunny and Hitch are, and when Sunny tells them that all she wanted was that time together, it feels even more authentic ..

But just some thoughts, I'm crazy about My Bananas xD

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My favorite line so far is from "The Game is Ahoof" I get it stuck in my head all the time due to Zipp's delivery. 

Zipp Storm: I'm only gonna say this once. Who. Took. My. Sunglasses? :okiedokieloki:
My favorite episodes so far are any episode starring Pipp Petals (:D)  and My Bananas because of how sweet and helpful Pipp was to Sunny. :rarity:
Sadly, Izzy swapped places with Pipp as Best Pony for me because I feel like Izzy is more annoying than quirky in Tell Your Tale. 
Edited by Sparklefan1234
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28 minutes ago, KingCorvus said:

It's interesting to me that you don't really like Sunny Day Dinners, I thought it was nice to have a sentimental simplistic moment, always am a sucker for the shooting star, but this one rather bc you say you like Hitch and AGAIN it may just be me, but the serious regards of which Hitch takes his friendships... Like Hitch practically having a meltdown bc Sunny and Izzy haven't made it back at a reasonable time, helps sell to me how genuine the friendship between the ponies are, ESPECIALLY we know how close Sunny and Hitch are, and when Sunny tells them that all she wanted was that time together, it feels even more authentic ..

But just some thoughts, I'm crazy about My Bananas xD

Hitch's serious regards, that is admittedly the high point of the episode, but it's already well-established that this is a good group of friends that truly cares about each other. 

Edited by CloudMistDragon
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