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End of Year Reflections



As the new year approaches, I thought it would be nice idea to put down the things that I have learned over the year and what I am thankful for.

First of all, I have learned to be a bit more patient and also a bit more tolerant. I have also learned how to stay calm during stressful and anxiety causing situations,and not to jump the gun and immediately react.

As for what I am thankful for.. I will forever and always be thankful for the love and support I always get from my family, My childhood and teenage years were very rough on all of us, given that I wasn't diagnosed with Autism until a month or two before I turend 18, but despite the times I caused them trouble, the stood by me. They have also stood by me and they accept and support me during my homelessness and my transitioning from male to female.

I am also very thankful for my special somepony @Dynamo Pad! We've been together a month and a half now, and we've been best friends since 2016! I love you so much my special snugglepony!
Also this is our song!





I am also thankful for all of my friends, especially those who I consider close friends, @Princess Silky, you are like a sister to me and I will always cherish the special bond that we share and the love,kindness and support you've shown me through the year and a bit that we've known each other for. This song is for you



@Hugs Silkalot I don't know you all too well, but from what I do know, you're a sweet, kind and awesome guy and I amvery happy for you and @Princess Silky!



And now for my two awesome fellow Aussie brothers! @TheRockARooster and @CrimsonMane
You two are like brothers to me in a way, as we are all from Australia and I've known the two of you the longest!

And everyone else! I have not excluded you, as I am thankful for and love all of my friends! I hope that the new year brings many days of joy and happiness for all of you!


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