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This is a pony game that I've made in Scratch. I mostly made it for a game jam, but people seem to enjoy playing my game more than I enjoy winning the game jam.


My Little Pony - The Mission of Saving Starlight Glimmer.sb3


This is an SB3 file. Watch this video to see how to open SB3 files:





Queen Chrysalis has built a castle in Equestria and has kidnapped Starlight Glimmer and hid her in her castle. Your mission is to help the Mane Six defeat Queen Chrysalis and save Starlight Glimmer.

Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Press R to restart if you are stuck. Navigate around the castle, collect diamonds and 1-up hearts, kill enemies, avoid slime and make your way to Queen Chrysalis.

Since Queen Chrysalis used changeling rock to build her castle, this means pony magic doesn't work. Therefore, no flying and no unicorn magic.

The enemies you'll face are: walking changeling, flying changeling, shooting changeling and changeling slime. Collect diamonds to get a better score and 1-up hearts for extra lives. But watch out, because some of the changelings are hidden among the diamonds. Can you figure out which diamonds are real and which ones are fake?

Throughout your journey, you'll also face six different challenges: the walk/fly challenge, the shapeshift challenge, the maze challenge, the slime challenge, the platform challenge and the shooter challenge. Can you get past all of these challenges and get all the Mane Six to the boss room?

The fastest player gets the highest score.

Note: This game also works just fine on mobile devices. In other words, it's mobile-friendly.


If one of the levels is too hard and you think you can't beat it, then you can watch the walkthrough to figure out how to do it.



I hope you will enjoy playing my game. Please let me know if you managed to beat the game. If you didn't, please let me know which is the level where you lost your last life. Also, feel free to share your final score. Please let me know what do you think of this game. It took me a whole month to make it, so I hope you will enjoy!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more quality videos.


Have fun!

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