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Drumming Is Magic: A 6 Year Introspective




Around 6 years ago I started making drum videos playing along to songs from within the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic franchise.
This includes the movie, EQG, and A New Generation (G5). I have since referered all of these videos as a series called "Drumming Is Magic".
Six years, 22 renditions, and more to come. It's no surprise MLP made a significant impact on me. But the soundtracks and music is what inspired me to
go further with music and expand my music vocalbulary. It's fun looking back at some of the older drum covers I did way back in the day and seeing how far I've coming with
drums and the series on my youtube channel. It's still amazing that my most viewed drum performance on my channel is the first Time To Be Awesome drum rendition uploaded September 2017.
I'm happy that the significance of my playing has made others entertained but most importantly made me happy that I could be inspired but something by a show about little pastel horses.

So what's the next step for Drumming Is Magic? Well... I ain't stopping soon. My ultimate goal was to make a drum rendition to every song from the show. As ludicrous as it sounds that idea still sits in the back of my head.
Although that thought seems to be creeping back in and I still have the urge to make more of it ^^.
Throughout the course of 2022 I've been in limbo of what want to do with the whirlwind youtube channel. I said this many times over the years that "I don't consider whirlwind studios as pony youtube channel" but really it's where about 80% of my subscribers came from. This past year I've seen a big music growth by exposing myself to the music scene in my city and in not fandom oriented contexts.
The bottom line is I don't know what the future will take me with my non fandom content, But I will continue to persue what I love best and work in more drumming is magic videos :D

There's my random thought of the day. Here's a complete playlist of what I have so far with Drumming Is Magic from oldest to newest. Would love to hear your favorites




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