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Sinus Infection



Last week, I felt I was finally getting over a prolonged sickness I was tired of having, something akin to a cold. However, early Monday morning, I came down with some severe congestion in my nose and ears. Part of me worried it was COVID initially, considering how stupidly long I had been sick, but a negative test combined with no other symptoms besides sinus symptoms confirmed it was not. I have a sinus infection, I've been having to blow my nose very often, and I've been blowing out both yellow mucus and blood. Yeah, not fun despite it not being as bad any day since Monday. This is definitely the worst flu season I've ever had.

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I am saddened to hear that you are suffering with that right now, i can relate with you on having unpleasant prolonged sicknesses.

I hope that you get better real soon CloudMistDragon.

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