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Another Strange Dream Featuring Rikifive



Yeah, I had another weird pony dream, another dream where I was a younger version of myself, and another dream where Rikifive's name came up. This time, he wasn't "Rikifiveguy". I was watching this episode of MLP: FiM with my sister that was titled "Rikifive" for some reason. The only things I remember while watching it were this weird opening sequence where Discord turns Shaggy from Scooby-Doo into a plant and this scene where a 3D-animated Twilight was talking to this robot shark with a full set of gold teeth. The shark made a joke about its teeth that I don't remember and then I heard music blasting from my little brother's room. I had to tell him to stop and put him in bed and I don't remember what happened after that. 

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Yeah, a shame this interruption happened, but I hope you enjoyed my epic episode. e-twiwth.png.5878ad773cfe0efaf9dc8dc75763160a.png

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