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31st March - 1st April Session

North Star


(Previously in the session) Border of Canterlot. Looking for Pinkie through Maud. On way, suddenly got distracted by possessed filly.

Lampshade is here. (Cagey’s new character.)

Dilapidated mansion. Unconscious form of priest of Celestia outside mansion.

Priest is covered in pastry. Bonked on head.

Stabby filly mad knife swishing + mane swishing. Discordant noises are heard from hooves slipping on the keys of a grand piano which swings over priest.

Lampshade saves the priest by moving him away from piano's trajectory.

Skylight throws book of piano music baked into a pie. Which hits!

Mango tries to disarm the filly and gets knifed.

Forest heals the priest.

Lampshade does uppies – waiting to be carried by Mango within range of the stabby filly.

Stabby filly complains about flying.

Dynamo bucks the door down. It slams open.

Forest Storm peers in.

Skylight lights up her horn to peer inside.

She sees a slippery trail leading to an oven! Baking time!

Mango finds stabby filly carrying anvil to stairs. Complains about flight interfering with traps.

Mango gets badly battered by the filly’s exorcist-like spinning head.

Dynamo wonders what to do and enters the building with more peering round carefully. Forest also enters - the corpses of the trees which gave their life to the building unsettles him, down to the very fibers of his beard.

Upstairs is amateur filly wrestling. Lamp Shade tries to grapple filly (success!) and pin (fail). Lamp Shade moves the filly out of range of the badly pulped Mango.

Mango decides it's time to school a filly and pokes it with the lance.

Filly turns Lamp Shade into a colander.

Hearing the wrestling match the others want in. Dynamo gallops upstairs to try to find them. Forest and Skylight gallop after, nimbly skipping over traps, to GM curses.

Lamp Shade goes for the pin again (success!).

Mango unarmed hoofs the filly, stomping with hooves forward and turning her head away from the creepiness of the revolving head of the possessed filly.

Stabby pinned filly wriggles and revolves its head impotently. It informs the party that their mothers provide oral pleasure to the monsters of Tartarus.

Dynamo, outraged, knocks the filly unconscious.

"Luna be praised!" says Lamp Shade who is an acolyte of the church of Luna. (She’s an acolyte of the church of Luna who was impressed by the party.) 

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