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Episode 119 - Seasonal Fashion Trends



Hey.  I'm a huge fashionista.  Like Rarity.  I love fashion.  But y'know what really grinds my gears?  Seasonal fashion lines and fleeting trends.

I'm not just talkin' about "new" clothes.  I'm talkin' about when the fashion industry puts out new seasonal lines, and the media/celebrities/whoever tells us that last season's [perfectly good] fashions are now "out of style".  This is just planned obsolescence to squeeze more money of out you, and it's contrived garbage bullsh*t.  Let me let you in on a little secret: good fashion never goes out of style.  If it looks good, if it actually looks good, then it always looked good, and it always will look good, forever and for all time.  And if it doesn't look good, then it never did to begin with.  Don't let peer pressure and asinine, contrived trends designed to suck money out of you determine what you wear.  Wear you love and what makes you feel fabulous!

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Fashion trends were made for exactly this reason - panned obsolescence. If they made clothes that would wear out quickly, people would stop buying from that company, but if they managed to convince the people to just "update" to "keep up", all is good, since now people want to do it themselves. 

This applies not only to clothes, but other things as well - cars, cell phones etc. That's the reason why the new thing has to look different from the old thing - so that everyone would easily see who's "outdated".

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Yarp.  Exactly.  I'm just glad they can't push fashion updates involuntarily like Windows 10.  Could you imagine?!  :blink:  Oh gawd, that'd be a dark day!  :eww:

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