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The future

Props Valroa


There are a few clips from Star Trek, that really got to me today. I am not sure if I have the words to describe how I am feeling at the moment. For those interested, I'd like you to watch them. The reason why I like Star Trek is for it's moral quandaries and deep questions. But also deep emotions.


There is also another one from a completely separate show that got to me the other day, that I find worthy of sharing. The important bit is Trip and how he expresses his emotions. 


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I don't like the idea that some insignificant event has major repercussions, and therefore that event must be changed / preserved. Even in real history, when you look at minor events that caused major changes, there is a broader context. The momentum of history will push things in a certain direction. You can't point to a pebble in a raging river and say that pebble is altering the flow. If event X hadn't lead to the event, then it would have been something else.

Besides that, if you're going to use time travel to solve a problem, then just tell the people what they need to do. Don't be all vague about it.

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