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27th May session

North Star



Trees dying daily – dead tree animated! Blue beam drained life. Forest Storm pwn. Ghostly equine form appeared!

Dinner with the Apples

AB leaves room to prepare dinner.

Mango is creeped out by filly. Is she in a waking nightmare? Or a sleeping nightmare?

Lil’ Mac hiding timidly. Too short to eat at table. Apple Green carrying on her head. Apple Crumble – being a team.

AJ is there!

Ghost pony.

Mango noms apples hungrily. Apple slice appetiser.

Apple Caramel.

Caramel offered apple by Dyny.

Silky – also nomming.

Is Lamp Shade a messy eater? Is their apple on his chin?

Silky pipes up. “What’s been going down?”

Stopped demon-filly. Then took on Womping Willow.

gathering the Mane Six to defeat her, we found an evil spirit in a tree, a doll with a lot of magic, a crazy filly with a knife that created a home alone house, some really angry fashion-forward guards…"

Up jumps a doll and this is what she said!

"Oh yeah, and it turns out Starlight is also kind of an alicorn…"





Mango offers the doll in a jar an apple slice.

Mango giggles at the doll’s antics.

Lampshade is build and curious.

"Pleased to meet you. Silky, is it?" Lamp Shade holds out a hoof.

Grilled apples. Apple steaks.

Door bell rings. AB goes to the door. AB “Be right back!”

Forest – door demon.

Mango nods wisely

Who could it be…



Caramel – “Stay away from my stallion!”


"Oh yeah, we met Pinkie Pie and she's got a rocket powered go-kart that she's going to use to get the rest of the Mane Six together," Skylight whispers to Sikly

Skylight tilts her head, confused why a non-apple pony suddenly joined.


AB was grabbed by DT.

Mango munches on apple slice and returns to table for delicious apple stake.

Mango hears the door demon. “You shall not pass!” She flops her ear at it.

Dyny mentions the scary door.

"We also entered the dream relm, where we met a door demon, but it turns out that it wasn't in the dream relm, and now I'm really confused and Dynamo is scared for life. I tell him he needs to hug a plushie,"

Silky suggests not the doll in jar.

Dyny hugs.

Mango asks Swatch: “Who’s that piece of posh crumpet?”

DT Mayor of Ponyville.

Swatch: “They have a business relationship.”

Lamp Shade.

Mango holds out some Apple Steak for silky. It has doll hoofprints in.




Mango – puts some apple stickiness on Silky’s feathers. Silky scrunch face.


Party suspicious of business dealings.

Silky wonders about business dealings, but is too sticky and is busy calming caramel.

Silky: send the druid!

AJ bonding with neices.

Dyny – frequent business dealings.

Oh yeah did I mention we found Applejack?" Skylight whispers to Silky.

Silky processes.

Silky politely excuses herself from the table.

Caramel: whispers in before we find out theyre secretly together.

Swatch is an honest down-to-earth pony.

I was just thinking that but I didn't wanna jinx it! We'd be the Homewreckers x2!

Applebloom wears the dungarees in their relationship.

Silky and Dyny sees them talking in the gilded carriage.

Sneak up on them! Hide behind the hay.

What excuse!? Getting some hay for the plush!

Skylight's pouts once Dynamo and Silky get up now that she is no longer snuggled between her two best friends.

Both AB and DT are kissing!

DT is unphased.

AB is flustered.


AB. “I can explain.”

DT. “Just get back to the dining room already.” She pulls AB back down.

Swatch – “You alright.”

Silky to Dyny “Should we tell them?”

Silky tries to feed the plush. Mango ‘awws’.

Caramel has sly smirk – she knows.

Anyone want apple dessert.

Silky and Dyny are reminded of AB by the slutty food.

Skylight notices Caramel's smirk and copies it.

Mango eventually notices all the smirking. “What’s all this about?”


“What did you see out there?” she asks as Dyny seems unusually quiet.

Caramel fills Mango in. She loudly looks towards.

Lamp Shade thanks Swatch for the meal.

Mango is not censorious and is also full of apple treats.

Skylight giggles as she eats the apple fritter ice cream she's carrying.

"I suppose from a traditionalist standpoint, it was expected for Ms. Bloom to settle down with a stallion and children, but... it wouldn't be morally just to keep this under wraps, no?"

Lamp Shade – must be delicate.


Gosh darn it Sycofear, why do you always have to make us the homewreckers?" Skylight gumbles towards the players.

Silky goes to poke the hay.

Silky accuses them.

“One of you is married!”

AB is frustrated and flustered.

DT “What’s there to explain.”

Caramel “Typical!”

Dyny “Why would you want to have an affair.”

DT “Because I give her things her huspony can’t.”

Lampshade – “AB should speak to her huspony.”

Silky “Like to be smug with her huspony?”

DT stands up. “While I would like to be open, AB has a family. Think of the children!”

Silky “This involves adults.”

DT “ What is Swatch won’t be part of the family…”

Silky “Well… maybe the family should split up!”

Forest Storm – let nature take its course.

Dyny – is surprised by Silky.

Caramel – still smirking. Reminisces of past before Dyny.

This is a matter of trust. You've broken his trust, and you must deal with the consequences. Treat him as an equal, as somepony you respect. Meet each other on a plane of honest communication, and you can both find a way forward from betrayal, putting the kids first, and reaching fulfillment for the both of you. He deserves that much."

"Gosh, why does this always happen to the ponies that I looked up to from my fillyhood!?" Skylight exclaims, covering her eyes and moaning

DT – maybe Lamp Shade is right.

"Don't meet your idols. Unless it's Luna, who I'm sure will never disappoint me."

Silky shall be the vehicle of the homewrecking?

Lamp Shade. “You can’t blame others. We need a professional. I have a contact…”

Silky begins the mediation.

Swatch – “Our family is built on a steel foundation…”

Lamp Shade – shepherds the children away.

Caramel summons Swatch…

“AB should be the one to say it…” says Silky.

Caramel – rip the bandaid off.

"How cold you do this to everypony that looked up to you!?" Skylight cries to Apple Bloom

Outside the barn. AJ… Mango can’t budge AJ. Mango tries to interest her in an apple. But AJ has seen all the apples.

Inside the barn. Caramel sympathises. Splotch is sad.

AB “A couple of years ago… at the bar… DT… we kept cheating on you.”

DT “She’s cheating on you!”

Silky “With you!”

Mango tries to distract AJ with a mango. But there are no mangoes here other than her in AJ’s view.

Mango tries to make enough noise.

AJ ignores her. “This is a family matter.”

Mango continues making noise – she will serve Lamp Shade and prove she can be a good mango! But it is futile.


Splotch starts walking away.

He starts sobbing.

Silky – “Nothing to say to your huspony?”

AB – “I don’t know what to say.”

DT – taps AB on shoulder. “Go say you’re sorry.”

Caramel Ripple:she holds him, rubbing his back gently in a comforting manner, letting him sob on her

Dynamo Pad:Dynamo moves over onto the other side of Swatch, before gently rubbing his arm/shoulder soothingly.

AJ is frowning at Mango, who looks awkwardly back and slowly flaps up into the sky, holding her gaze.

Caramel Ripple:OOC: Bit more background on Caramel, she was married to a wealthy stallion in Canterlot, but he had an affair with Diamond and Caramel got left in the dark, which is when the Apple family took her in and she became a part of the apple family

Skylight Scintillate:OOC: Wait, Skylight can do alchemy magic..

Support group.

Skylight is completely going off Diamond, but then she turns arount to the rest of the group and says "Alright, enough home-wrecking, and start Licorice-wrecking"


AB goes to apologise to Swatch.

Swatch has to go. He starts walking away.

Dyny “Where are you going?”

Swatch doesn’t know. Back to Manehatten.

“Think of the children.”

“Your relationship doesn’t define you…” Silky.

Caramel nods sagely.

Swatch “You didn’t hear what I heard. Years… Ahm gonna go get drunk.”

Diplomacy check!

Caramel – spend time somewhere and clear his mind?

Success! Swatch turns round and goes back to AB.

AB runs to Swatch.

Silky, “For years, really! Show some remorse.”

Silky is determined to be a homewrecker. “Don’t reconcile, you foals!”

AB stays in the house. Swatch.

Lamp Shade is playing monopoly. Apple Green is bullying. Poor lil’Mac. “Where’s mama?”

“She’s fine. We’re gonna sleep in the barn.”

Apple Green “They’re kicking us out of the house.”

“It’s fine – everyone is sleeping in different places.”

“Even mum and dad!”

Apple Green “She means they’re gonna have a divorce!”

Big Mac looks upset.

Lamp Shade – “Behave!”

Diplomacy check!

Hero point! “Tell me about the monsters…”

AJ is getting angry.


Silver Spoon!




AJ shouts at AB.

Escort Swatch over to old CMC clubhouse.

Caramel comforts him.

He asks for paints. He holds Lil’Mac. Teaches child how to paint…

2 days pass...

Party sleep at CMC hideout. Scootaloo is excited to see you.

“What’s up!?”

Caramel – history has repeated itself…

Silky asks for cupcakes.

Skylight digs around in herbaked good dimension. "I got cinnamon rolls..."

Silky is mature.

Mango is scooter.

Forest is scooter.

Forest wants to check Fluttershy/Discord statutes. Flutter-statue is still there.

All fall asleep…

Dyny wakes up, but there is an odd uncomfortable feeling.

The door demon is back! The exit to the room is a shade of red….

Mango is dreaming flying dreams. Caramel is dreaming jilting dreams.

Dyny wakes Caramel.





Dyny is scared. Caramel pulls him into a hug.

Silky blinks awake. Silky sees a bright red door.


"Give me five more minutes Mom, I'm having a dream about swimming in cotton candy..."

Skylight mumbles

"Yes, we need more windows..." Skylight mumbles in her sleep

*need more

"More windows always helps!" Skylight shouts rather aggressively while somehow remaining asleep

Skylight is eventually shaken wake. "Wha..." suddenly, she notices the door and is wide awake. "That door looks different but strangely familiar, in a bad way…"

Caramel – calming potion.

Silky offers calming potion to Dyny.

"I'm too young to die!" says Skylight.

Scootaloo wakes up… “We saw a bad door! Don’t open it!”

“Oh…. Kay….?” Scoot says.

“Can we leave another way?” asks Dyny.

Caramel explains the background to the door.

Scoot says the door is kinda similar.

Scoot: “Deal with your door demons.”

Dyny is scared and doesn’t want to leave.

Mango tries to inspire everyone to face the door demon together.

They trot towards the door. Silky offers a comforting wing. Dyny opens the door with his magic.

“Are you sure?”

Mango readies her bow.

Caramel readies crossbow.

Dyny opens the door.

Dark pony mass appears! It has Frostbite!

Mango and Dyny call out to Frostbite.

Frostbite wants to get through the door!

Fighting the door.

Mango is angry.

Frostbite’s head pops out. “We!” the head says.

Mango tries to pull Frostbite out. The beast screams. Frostbite doesn’t like being pulled out either. The chunks of the beast are dragged through the door.

Frostbite! He lacks a horn, left forehoof, left hindleg gone… Leaks black goo…

Mango gives Frostbite a healing potion.

Frostbite begins to weep.

Frostbite is not injured.

Mango weeps too.

Scoot gets Alchemy.

Finally, Frostbite blinks slowly. His face is still unnaturally blank. Then: "We are... I am... alone...."

"Take that, stupid door!" Skylight shouts

*suspicious look
The Door Demon: maniacal laughter


Edited by North Star


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