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Sparklefan's Forumversary: Seven Years of Nonsense

Seven years on a My Little Pony forum? Wow time flies. 

I've made a lot of great friendships and memories here in my almost decade on MLP Forums and I can't thank everypony enough

for their friendship, kindness and support during my time here.  


I have to thank our ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE staff for being so awesome, kind and helpful during my years of making a plethora of posts about ponies. 


@Sir Hugsalowski@Silky the smol @Twilight Sparkle  @LadyMercury@Dark Horse @Batbrony @Denim&Venöm @TBD

@Lightwing @Totally Lyra @Cash In @Simon @Rikifive @Astral Soul @Ganondorf8 @Aticus the Adequate @Dynamo Pad@Skylight Scintillate @Props Valroa 


And of course, @Jeric:grin:


I have to give a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to my My Friends because without them I wouldn't be excited to log-on to MLPF every day. YOU'RE AWESOME! :D 


Sparkle Squad


    @ChB,@Totally Nyx,

  @RDDash @Megas @SolaceFall

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4 minutes ago, Batbrony said:

*channeling 1950s Alice in Wonderland*

A very happy forumversary to you! To you!


Sorry I'm a bit late on this, but so very happy to know you Sparklefan! :muffins:


Thank You, BFFFF! I'm so very happy to know you, too! :D *BFFFF Hugs*  big-old-hug-batman-8g6ue6txypsqle65.gif

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