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FULL DIVISIONAL RECAP! Most Attractive Pony Tournament 2013

blog-0184552001358988882.jpgAlfonzo's Most Attractive Pony Tournament continues with the Magic Bowl. Vote here!

And check out last week's Wildcard results here.

Next week's Conference Title results are here!


Wardrobe Malfunction

Dozens of bronies rushed to see the most high-profile matchup of the week. For the first time, one Mane 6 met another in the playoffs, and the game did not disappoint. The most fashionable mare in Equestria came in with confidence, strong fan support and a great deal of momentum. But as Fluttershy proved this week, kindness is never out of fashion.

“Oh, I…I, um, I didn’t really do much,” the pink-haired Pegasus whispered into the microphone. “I mean, I think Rarity is much prettier than I am. But, um, thank you very much…eep!” She caught sight of the camera and retreated into her cottage, ending the interview.


Some things never change.


But Fluttershy was anything but passive in the polls, which tied up and switched sides repeatedly before finally shifting in her favor. Rarity held on for days, but eventually a win was out of reach, sending her back to Carousel Boutique for the season.

The exquisite pony was gracious in defeat. “I am very happy for Fluttershy, darlings! …Very happy. We all know a natural beauty when we see one, don’t we? Yes, of course. She deserved to win. And I do have work to do on the next spring fashions, you know!”


This fashionista will no doubt remain a showstopper in next year’s tournament.


Though she shrugged off the loss to reporters, Rarity seemed reluctant to depart, sitting silently with a few of the animals and a small dragon long after the sun had set on the meadow.




Octavia Fiddles, Spitfire Burns

There was more than one upset in the Divisional round. As the most popular mare in the Wonderbolts and head trainer in their prestigious academy, Spitfire soared to the number one seed in the Pony Friendship Conference. But as she learned this week, dive-bombing the weakest division in Equestria and succeeding in the playoffs are two different things.


Spitfire’s loss leaves Fluttershy as the only Pegasus in the playoffs.


The Pegasus’ dazzling regular season and Octavia’s hard-fought wild card berth led some to underestimate the beautiful musician. But when a close fight in the first few days developed into a steady lead for the underpony, all doubts of her competence were erased.


After two eye-opening wins, this pony has earned her rest.


Octavia was as calm and composed as ever following the battle. “I am pleased that my appearances are so appreciated by so many. I was looking forward to facing my old rival Rarity once more, but I see that won’t be possible. Whatever the case, I do not intend for next week to be my final performance.”

Oddly enough, Octavia was taken home from Cloudsdale in a hot air balloon by none other than Twilight Sparkle, one of her potential opponents should she reach the Magic Bowl.

“What happens, happens. You can’t win ‘em all, you know?” Spitfire said quietly. “Can’t let it get you down.”

With that she marched briskly back into the Wonderbolts Academy, barking out orders in a very different voice.

OCTAVIA, 107-89



Twilight Gets ‘A’ for Attractive

“Dear Princess Celestia,” Twilight dictated to Spike following the game, “This week I learned a very valuable lesson about friendship. I learned that—”

“ ‘Humans like to stare at my plot?’ ” muttered her dragon assistant.

“What was that?!”

“Um, nothing!”

It may have sounded like just another day at the Ponyville Library, but the fanfare outside made it anything but. Ponies from all over town gathered for a grade-A Pinkie Pie party to celebrate the Element of Magic’s win.


In Twilight’s case, attractiveness was magic.


A matchup that looked difficult for top DJ Vinyl Scratch turned out to be exactly that. Scratch never stopped the music, but Princess Celestia’s number-one student reeled in nearly twice as many votes to secure the most comfortable victory of the week. She goes on to face unlikely contender Lyra Heartstrings in the EFC Championship.


‘DJPon3’ is eliminated but not forgotten.


“I’ll talk to you later, okay guys?” an exhausted Scratch said, finally putting down her headphones. “I’ve got a killer headache.”

TWILIGHT, 125-71




The Last Round-Up


Applejack bids her fans goodbye—for now.


It was eerily similar to last week. The stage was all set for a home victory at Sweet Apple Acres. All the luminaries from Feld0 on down came out to vote for Applejack, along with a legion of her fans. Pictures were fired off like bullets, jokes were made, and words of doubt and disbelief were flung at the unlikely challenger.

But when the dust settled, Lyra walked out with another victory. The race was close and intense, every bit the knock-down drag-out fight as the game with Dash. The brilliant unicorn overcame an initial rush from AJ and rode a slim lead for three days. Applejack finally caught up and overtook her by three votes on Sunday, but Lyra stormed back to cement an impressive win.

When the Most Attractive Pony Tournament began, few bronies even considered Lyra Heartstrings to be a real contender. Those who did saw her stuck in a division dominated by Twilight Sparkle and likely to be warming the bench, no pun intended.


The Minty One’s unbelievable quest continues.


A lot can happen in two weeks. Carried by a massive outpouring of fan support, the background pony has upset two of the Mane 6 in two weeks and turned the playoff scene upside down on her way to the EFC Championship.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” the unicorn gushed in a post-game interview. “That settles it. I’m going to the human world so I can meet all these people who are voting for me! I just have to find out how. Maybe Twilight will have some ideas! Hee hee!”

“Don’t be feeling sorry for me, you hear?” Applejack said after the loss. “I’m not one to cry over spilled cider. I’ll just work harder next season. And speaking of cider…gather round, everypony! A toast to the audience!”

The game was lost, but the Apple family still has plenty to celebrate.

LYRA, 105-91

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Recommended Comments

EXTRA, EXTRA! That contest was rigged.




Seriously, it's almost as bad as the "Most Attractive Pony" thread, that Pinkeh Pie was VOTED SECOND LEAST ATTRACTIVE MARE IN.


And to top it all off Pinkeh lost to Octavia. Octavia was in the show for like 3 seconds, what the crap?

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This is just brilliant. :D




Minor mistake I noticed in the blog posts you've written about this contest: look closely at your browser's address bar; there is no www in front of ;)

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This is just brilliant. :D




Minor mistake I noticed in the blog posts you've written about this contest: look closely at your browser's address bar; there is no www in front of ;)

The www doesn't show up in the address bar, but if I don't include it the hyperlink doesn't function. ^^ People have to copy and paste it into the address. Just something I did for the readers' convenience.

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I'm so glad someone's taking the time to write news entries for my tournament ^^ The amount of emotion you put into this is looks realistic, even -- I can only imagine what the ponies might actually be feeling like right now!

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Hey, now. Since when were Applejack fans perceived as cocky or confident? Maybe one or two of us, but not the majority. Applejack is easily the least-loved pony out of the mane cast for an unknown reason. (That makes me sad)

Anyway, don't mind my avatar. I totally voted for Applejack! Oh well, I guess I'll jump on the Lyra bandwagon now... She's definitely got this won now!

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