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Notable Technological Advancements and Changes - Cell Phones!



Hey everyone, welcome to Silver's first rant!

Okay let's be serious, this is more of a look at advancements in amazing technology. This mainly focuses on how commonly certain things are found, sizes, prices and etc. The first technology we will look at is Cellular phones!


Cell Phones


Phones, cell phones in particular, have changed in such a drastic matter it isn't even funny. Well, it is if you consider how versatile, easy to use, and portable they have become. At least for most people. Other's absolutely hate how there are next to no buttons and everything is touch screen based. This is understandable because some people have large fingers and they can't press the tiny things on the screen that are supposed to be buttons. They end up hitting multiple numbers at once. But that's besides the point.

Cell phones have advanced at an alarming rate. The first really neat thing that was added to them was likely colour screens, followed by flipping open and shut, having an entire keyboard on them (be it sliding or built in), gaining touch screens with increased resolution and finally a little more recently 3D screens. Now how you can merge touch screens with 3D without giving your customer headaches from attempting to press something that appears as though it's behind glass is beyond me, but either way it's a very impressive trend. (A trend Nintendo and other game companies seem to be slightly farther ahead in.)

Now I am not a professional about information like this so don't take all my info as immediate fact, but more as a general idea and reference. I'm just someone who likes to vent about things like this.

A closer look at these phones!


Very large, and brick-like. Tough and durable, with large bulky antena's. (Some of which could be extended.) Often quite plain, very little difference in colours. Basic keypad with start, and end call buttons. Volume sliders on the side and power plug.

Digital screens that had very little variety. Showed the time, and some basic phone functions like call quality, volume and etc. Black and white if you want to call it that.

Quality wasn't the greatest, often was difficult to hear and microphones got jammed with dust and little things from elsewhere. (Same with the speaker.) Speaker could only be heard when right by your ear.


Phones became slightly smaller, and more compact. More appealing design and set up, far more portable. Volume, keypad, call buttons and navigation were a standard. (To an extent.)

Screens still digital, but contained a little more. Distinctively brighter, and easier to see.

Quality was still around the same.


All in all not too different from 2000. A little more unique design around it, meaning shape and colour layout. Mic's were placed on the under side of the phone, possibly to prevent sound interruption by people's cheeks rubbing against the mic. Buttons had backlights for easier seeing in the dark. (On some phones.)

Screen was now in colour! Gasp! Very low resolution, fairly clearly pixelated.

Quality was steadily improving as cell reception and phone technology advanced.


Crap just got real.

Phones were often made to flip open and shut, this way larger screens and still fairly big keypads were available. Things like sleep mode became VERY present from when the cell was closed, so as to use less power. Flip phones had screens on the front so you could view basic information without opening the phone itself.

Resolution improved and screen sizes were distinctly bigger thanks to the beautiful folding phone. Far more options were available such as browsing the internet, head phones were more commonly available, and largest of all likely camera's. More graphical and colourful games were available. Texting took off.

Quality greatly increased and mic's were in various places based on the phone you were using.


Full sized keyboards were available, some in slide form, others in standard. Flip phones fell out of interest and all in all phone size began to increase again. Texting was made easier with these keyboards, and unique navigation systems became available.

Touch screens began to become a thing. Touch screens were now something actively seen in phones and astounded many people. Resolution became even higher and more vivid with wider colour ranges a visually appealing graphics.

Calling wasn't as common since texting became so successful, yet quality still improved. ("Fewer dropped calls!" To quote hundreds of billboards I have seen on road trips.)


Holy smokes slow down!

Touch screens became standard and almost every phone had them. Smart phones became widely popular by this point. Phone's became almost nothing but one to four buttons and all screen. (With some slide out keyboards.) Incredible data networks for browsing the internet at full quality and applications for doing what you want developed by many people other than the phone provider.

Almost all screen's are touch screens, beautiful graphics, astounding games and things to see and explore on your phone and on the web as mobile sites grew high in popularity. Things like facetime were invented where you could talk with someone and see them as you do so.

Built in speakers were widely common so you could play things out loud as well as talk from a farther distance. Progressed quality from things like 3G and 4G.


Okay, once again this is all based on what I have seen. The years are based on the picture above, and aren't necessarily exact. Just around the general area. Don't take all of this as fact, because some of it probably isn't. :U


I will likely write a post about handheld gaming eventually too. Just not now. @.@


(I think I will also add, this is partly me practicing writing long stuff and providing information based on my assumptions. Please do not rage at me for screwing something up.

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Nice summary of history. I find it interesting how in the beginning, it was all focused on call quality. Now, it's focused on fancy gadgets, internets, graphics, and games. Personally for me, 2005 was the ideal time for phones. A phone is less a phone nowadays than it is a mini-computer disguised as a phone. Touch screen phones are actually not really conducive to long-time phone chats at all. They heat up, and the sweat from your face makes them really dirty and nasty. They're designed on the principles of internet usage and textage.


And for someone who only uses phones for... well... what they were designed for, I find this era of phones to be rather useless. As well as smartphones. I can see the appeal, but I think personally they're pointless and computers are much better. I don't really understand why people insist on posting in roleplays from them either, but that's another story.


In other words, interesting article!

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