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The WET Syndrome - OR - I HATE DUKE NUKEM SO MUCH (no I don't)



Misleading title is misleading.

This is not a discussion about me hating Duke Nukem Forever because I

personally love it. What I am wishing to discuss is the robotic and

rather pathetic mindset of the average player.


What I am wishing to discuss is the robotic and rather pathetic mindset of the average player.

You see, there is a disease that effects the brain. It is a parasyte

that nestles deep within the frontal lobe and begins to implant within

the victim a series of ideas and concepts that break down the brain's

ability to think for itself. Eventually, over time, the mind has

deteroriated into a gray, useless blob.

Now as for the player, he, or she, doesn't notice this change but,

over time, they will soon experience a rather sudden and disturbing

transformation. Going from this:


to This:




I call it the WET SYNDROME. The Wet Syndrome


A long time ago on a website not too far away, there was a game

reviewed by the masses and it was called WET. Now, WET was released as a

demo first before the game came out for the PS3 and 360 and the reviews

for WET's demo were mixed.

However, when the reviews themselves came out for the full game, suddenly there came an outcry.

"Wet is a terrible game!" the masses howled. "Wet cannot possibly be

enjoyed! Anyone who enjoys this game is not a gamer at all! They have

low standards and care not of quality!"

They have been infected by the parasyte.

Now, as myself, having found WET to be interesting and very

enjoyable, once made a thread discussing how much fun the game really

was. Immediatly I was bombarded with about 4 pages worth of people

laughing their heads off, mocking me, and basically telling me to my

face that I was Wrong - the game is not fun and I was WRONG for enjoying



It was horrible. Outside of a handful of others (maybe 6?) who also

enjoyed WET, the majority of the others were just plain rude.

And then the discovery was made. After monitoring their reactions a

bit more closely, I discovered that a majority of these people have

never even played the game! They were basing their reactions and hated

OFF OF REVIEWS! It is at this moment I realized that they had become

infected with the WET SYNDROME and have become mindless, brainless...


It was horrible.


Now, over a year later, the WET SYNDROME has come back. This time it is going after the game Duke Nukem Forever.

Apparently it is now the "Hip and cool" thing to do to trash this

game. So much so that for the past week, at least 2 threads were

dedicated, per day, to rip the game a new one. Of course, it could be

easily seen that these people, I would say 80% who were just ripping the

game a new one, were people who went off:

  1. Trailers
  2. Gameplay Videos
  3. Reviews


And never actually played the game themselves.



Which brings me to this:

How sad is it, how pathetic does a person have to be to dedicate so

much time, so much energy, lurking and entering any thread discussing a

game that they have not played, just to spout out nonsense and basically

tell people who have played the game, and who have enjoyed it, that

they are, completely and utterly wrong.

It is like this:

I like Pumpkin Pie. Now you say you don't. You've never eaten Pumpkin

Pie but your best friend said it sucks. So when I tell you that I love

Pumpkin Pie, you rail on me and basically tell me I am wrong.

I am wrong, I am just being a pumpkin pie fanboy, and I am denying all the problems associated with pumpkin pie.




I am sorry mate, but there is no worse person in the world, than those

who not only cannot form their own opinion, but have to CONSTANTLY tell

you how wrong your opinion is.


It is sad to see a DNF fan get ripped apart by a sheep


So here's the facts. Don't comment on a game, movie, book - whatever,

unless you've played, seen, or read it. Do not sit there and tell me

its crap and then parrot someone else's opinion instead of forming your

own. Don't spend hours a day making threads and screaming at the top of




And, personally, when you have a large group of people telling you

that the game, movie, book is enjoyable and all you do is stick your

fingers in your ears because you'd rather listen to ONLY THOSE WHO YOU

AGREE WITH, you make yourself look like the biggest idiot on the face of

this planet.

And if you really wish to continue letting the infection control your

body, and if you wish to give your uneducated opinion on the matter

then all I must say is this:



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I agree with you on the part about not judging a game unless you played it. Too many people listen to what reviews say and not what they say themselves. We lose a lot of good games that way.

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