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I'm the new Hugh Hefner

Rainbow    Dash


So apparently my house is the coldest place on earth right now. Due to this i have to bundle up in warm cothes. So im going around the house in my pajamas a rainbow dash robe, gloves, and a jason vorhees baclava. I passed by my mother and this is the conversation that followed:


Mom: What are you wearing?

Me: What do you mean what am i wearing?

Mom: is that a robe?

Me: Yeah so?

Mom: What are you Hugh Hefner?

Me: Yes i am

Mom: So who are the girls? the Mane 6?

Me: YES! i run around my F****** mansion with scantily clad ponies and play games with them!

Mom: so do you ever knock hooves with them?

Me: F*** you im not going to dignify that with a response.

Mom: you don't have to. aww my little man is growing up. so which one made you a man?

Me: All of them did we had us a good ol fashion o**y.

Mom: did you clean up afterwords

Me: why can't you be normal!


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I think a forumwide serenade to your mother is in order.



You swear to your mum quite a bit...

yeah i know i do but its how we communicate

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