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I just had a Rainbow Dash Dream



Last night I had a rather interesting and amusing dream about Rainbow Dash.


The dream went as follows:


Dash wanted to get her fight license that she was never able to get because of her failure at flightschool so she asked me to drive her to the training camp which was, for some odd reason, in the middle of the woods. Joining us was Princess Celestia who kept transforming into Rarity whenever she wanted to. Agan, for no reason.


The trained was a gruff looking pony who had a hat and a whistle and he had Rainbow go through several different tests while Rarity/Celestia and I watched. For some odd reason, Celarity kept shifting to a human form to reach up and get something over my head which resulted in her breasts bouncing against my face before returning to her pony form.


Sadly, Rainbow's confidence started to falter and she soon failed the test. She asked me to drive her back to CloudsDale because she was not as good as the other Pegasai. I pulled her over to me and we laid down in the grass while I explained that she should never compare herself to other ponies for it will only make her feel worse about herself, that she needs to focus on her own abilities. I told her I used to do the same with Stephen King when it came to my writing and as I was finishing my speech, I said


"Hope this helps Rainbow Dash"


except I said it outloud which ended up waking me up XD

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I had a dream Dashie and I watched Wimbledon and almost got killed by a sniper. It was fantastic.


Thanks for sharing yours :)

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You poor, poor, soul.


I sometimes have pony dreams but they're rated Adult Only every time.

Same. Except pinecones always seem to be involved. :/

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