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I'm gonna address an issue that people have with Pinkie Pie.



Now, I understand that we are all entitled to our own opinion. The purpose of this blog post isn't to throw disapproval at anyone who dislikes Pinkie Pie for that reason, because of course that's their own perspective. What I do hope, on the other hand, is to make this apparently unappealing aspect of Pinkie Pie very much explainable and how it is entirely related to her own character - and history.


I've seen quite a wealth of people disliking Pinkie Pie for a specific reason; that she is too hyperactive.


When people look at this issue of Pinkie's character element, it normally concerns exaggeration of that element. I would like to remind people that being hyperactive and distinctly peppy aren't just character traits - they're her destiny. The Cutie Mark Chronicles show us her transition from this greatly saddened, dull-spirited filly to a remarkably jolly and enthusiastic pony - and she earned her cutie mark from this, which was confirmation to herself that she had always meant to be jolly and an entertainer; and you can definitely understand that she's going to throw her heart and soul into fulfilling her destiny.


Let's not forget that situations such as Party Of One shows that her faith in not just others, but herself, is the most important thing in the world to her - she adopts the most insecure and paranoid mindset when she loses that faith. It's borne from the blind fear of something being presented to her that contradicts an ethos that she's followed all her life.


I don't know about you, but if that sort of stuff came from losing strength in my ethics and beliefs, I would try harder than anything to make sure that it never, ever resurfaces. Pinkie Pie is being both self-preservative, resourceful and somewhat tactical, by using her destiny as a quota to keep her insecurity locked down tight.


This is the reason why she's a lot more bouncy and hyperactive in Season 2 than in Season 1. People think that Pinkie Pie becoming more and more hyperactive is a fault of the writers - if you take another look, however, it's in relation to Pinkie Pie's development. S2 was immediately after Party Of One where she first tasted life in an emotional pit (the rock farm was equally a pit, but there was no former happiness to contrast it with), so naturally Pinkie Pie cranked up her levels of bounciness in Season 2 as a safety precaution, so to speak - a way of completely ruling out the possibility of her ever descending into another similar pit which she hated so much.


This also applies for her in Season 3, becoming even more hyperactive to the point of her seemingly overdoing it - Too Many Pinkie Pies was when she yet again came face to face with the prospect of the other ponies associating Pinkie Pie with distress, something that she's been trying to do the exact opposite of for an entire year. The situation had a much, MUCH larger impact - it was the return of the impossibly depressing pit from Party Of One, and after working so hard to try and avoid it, her augmenting of her own bounciness is very much justifiable - it's becoming much more of a case of desperation for the well-being of others that she's much more hyperactive. She'll make sure that everypony around her gets absolutely no-doubt full-to-brimming Pinkie satisfaction, no matter what it takes.


So when she comes across as over-the-top, overly random or too hyperactive, remember that she is - in a way - bound to doing so, because losing the things closest to her, the things that compose her, is her greatest fear, and she would do anything to ensure that her friends are happy and to ensure that she has her status of being a pony to bring smiles to Equestria.

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I have always liked Pinkie Pie largely because of that, it is like they took a Loony Toons character and put them in the MLP universe.

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My only problem with her and Fluttershy is that there are too many Fanfics about them. I mean the MURDER-DEATH ones.


Fanon is fanon, man. ;)




I have always liked Pinkie Pie largely because of that, it is like they took a Loony Toons character and put them in the MLP universe.


I completely agree - it's super appealing to me. But the fact it's not just superficial imposition and the increasing hyperactivity isn't the writers getting it wrong is something I think people misconceive.

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something I think people misconceive.

I agree, it is Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie and it dosen't mean that she can't at moments be a deep and occasionally serious character as we have seen in some episodes like Party of One, Baby Cakes and Too Many Pinkie Pies.

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I have a bad habit of overlooking blogs.  But better late than never, right? 


I don't know what amazes me more here...all the things you mentioned that I touched on in my profile on her...or all the things that I didn't.  But her hyperactivity, for whatever reason, is something I never really dwelt on.  I just chalked it up as a part of her spontaneity and, perhaps, a fervent hope that it would rub off on others who were currently down in the dumps. 


The main reason Pinkie Pie isn't highly favored in my eyes is that I can't relate to her extreme outgoing nature and need for validation from others.  I actually look forward to alone time, but that's just me.  :)

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