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Dark Place

Rainbow    Dash


So over the last week i was having the most frustrating week. I found out i wasn't working(trust me my workplace is awesome), and i found out that my instructors pushed their mid terms to this week. I also had a brutal math test, i was called racial slurs by random people; I also came to the realization that im just a speck of dust on the universes television. so to speak.

So i was feeling pretty bad but i soldiered on cause i tried to put my depression behind me. Then i took a swig of forbidden nectar. Things got bad from there on out. I was constantly getting trolled on various websites and felt powerless as it was happening. On top of that my hands and feet were pretty jacked up

After a while i just gave up. I did cross over to that realm of thinking. Im getting better now and should be feeling normal after a while.


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Life's like that. Oh well, the good news is that life is a roller coaster following one basic rule. What goes down, must go up. You should be fine soon. :) Just don't take any more forbidden nectar, the stuff is evil I tell you. :P



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