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Winter Wrap Up

Rainbow    Dash


Today was the last day of winter. It could not have come any sooner. I really hate winter due to the insane coldness and constant showers. I wouldnt mind the conditions but as i grow older i have things to do which are very hard and uncomfortable to do in the winter season.

Now to get to the somewhat funny stuff. Since it was the last day of winter i decided to celebrate by singing the winter wrap up song wherever i went. My first stop was my college. I had my headphones on while i was singing the song but judging from the students and police's faces they were loving it.

I then got stuck in morning traffic and it was a crawl. I decided to sing the song very loud. It proved to be a mistake as people honked their horns and called me various names while giving me the highway salute. Did that stop me? No.

So i got home and had an hour or two before i had to set off again. When i did set off, I changed the melody a little. I sang Winter Wrap Up as a screamo/deathmetal song. Some people didnt like that; other people did like it. As i was scream-singing people gave me alot of looks. They looked as if i was a crazy person. Some people joined in on my merriment screaming "Winter Wrap Up" with me.

I had too much fun today. Peoples reactions were priceless. Come to think of it i should have made a video of the thing.

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