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Trolling On Xbox

Rainbow    Dash


I have been playing Call of Duty Black Ops on Xbox live recently and I have decided to give up on playing seriously. I got a friend(that i got to join the herd) to go on with me and we decided let's troll people. It's the funniest thing i have ever done on Black Ops 2.


We usually just talk about random stuff, although lately its been of a certain princess (if you catch my drift.), and the people usually respond with kind words. It was pretty boring for a while. That is until we started getting paired with try-hards who happened to be waaay angrier then they should be.


The fun then soon began. Alot of them were calling us names usually heard on online games. We countered with trying to "talk out their problems." No matter what we did they always responded in a way we had hoped for: Angry and loud.


I then got an idea so ill thought out it might actually work: Invite fellow Bronies to troll on CoD BO 2.


so who wants in on our fun?

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I'd totally get in on this if I had BO 2. Unfortunately all I've got is Halo 4. 


Maybe next month, when I'm home from school.

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I will get in on this, my Gamer Tag is TBB Animal just like my account name

im going for another round tonight!

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