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blog-0205688001365782718.jpgFinally cleaned my violin after a year in storage. Truthfully I've become rusty but since it's finally the summer vacation here, (most of you have been waiting for) I might as well get her back into shape. This time maybe I'll be trying to use her again with some songs I've wanted to cover for a long time now. What I feel bad about is that I've left her in such a sorry state after moving homes last year.


I found the case covered in dust and was bummed when one of the straps in the back became torn. The instrument itself looked worse. Spent my afternoon giving her new life and the end result is the entry image you see right now. I hope this time around I'll get to keep her well maintained so long as I won't be distracted by other things.

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Very nice! I love the craftsmanship that goes into these kinds of instruments. :)

You posting this reminded me of a photo I saw a while back; I think you'll enjoy it:

That's what the inside of a violin looks like with the correct lighting. It's almost like a really fancy/rustic house.

I think it's awesome. :D

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