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Cute.  I've had all kinds of insects and other bugs walking on me too.  One time I even had a yellow jacket land on my LIP.  Thankfully, it flew off a moment later without stinging me.  :P

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I invited the locust to sit on my hand, and the hoverfly I rescued from a carnivorous plant and helped a bit with wing cleaning.

The hoverfly was actually worried and didn't want to leave the plant because there was another one stuck in it. I rescued that one later. Hoverflies seem to be especially peaceful people.

A while after my various hoverfly rescuings, I was regularly being visited by them in the park during my Nei Gung exercises, and they did some nutty things.


Patience and respect (treating them as equals) are necessary ingredients. Naturally, those tiny insects are very sensitive, so they will notice all kinds of pressure you bring into the mix. But building up trust works with them just as well as it works with bigger animals, including humans.

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that's a really good camera you've got there. what kind is it?

Bridge camera. Olympus C-5060WZ.

3 cm minimum distance for super macro frustrates me - not close enough, haha. I have taken photos of dragonflies and hoverflies right in front of me where you can see the facets of the eyes.



I've held a few bugs before, but that was because I wanted to kill them biggrin.png

When I find a spider in the house, I get a glass jar and a piece of paper and try to get them into it without scaring them too much, and then put them outside. I learned from that how different spider personalites can be.

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