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How much magic can you handle?




Today I'd like to try and inspire you a bit. smile.png It might be somewhat lenghty, but I will come to the point. If many people read this, it would make me very happy.

Feel the Magic! img-1379355-5-xtWXQl1.png



We see what we want to see. We see what we are looking for.

Curiosity enables us to see more and more.


I realized that MLPFiM is very much like what spiritual masters tend to say about sacred texts: It is all in there. It is a complete guide. You just have to see.


I encourage all bronies to take the show as a guide for self-betterment, because I frequently see bronies act contrary to what the show conveys, forgetting lessons or maybe never having noticed them in the first place. Many still maintain a good distance to parts of that show that they love. It's almost ironic. This show is awesome, but then again, it's "just a show"? Well, that depends on YOU. We are the creators, the deciders, the inspirers.


MLPFiM contains everything you need. Take as much as you can handle!


The show says "Friendship Is Magic". Here's a little mind game: How can you believe in the magic of friendship if you don't believe in magic? wink.png


Here's another irony: Sceptical people might discount magic as "You're fooling yourself. It only works if you believe in it.", thereby completely missing the amazingness in that - because something that works MERELY by believing in it is ... truly magical, haha.


The drive to explain phenomena through rational and empirical examination is a reality-manifesting belief system just as magic is. It is a choice of a personal path.


Imagine three mysterious things happen in a row that seem unexplainable. They, together, help someone solve a problem they have been hoping to resolve, with perfect timing.

Now, even if you manage to find an empirical explanation for how those events came to happen, then you're still faced with why three in a row. Strange coincidence. Then you might want to use the help of statistical probability and such, and it gets more vague and imprecise. Then, if you are satisfied with the explanation you found, you are still facing the reality of those events having happened with the right timing to solve a problem. You can go after these things farther and farther, and it gets more and more difficult to find waterproof explanations. At some point, when it comes to the big questions about life, the universe and everything, when you are confronted with things like eternity or time, it will bring your rational mind to its knees.

Now if you trace this back, you might wonder whether there is any objective middle ground at all for how far it is worth tracking these things.


When the mind gives up obsessing over attaining answers that are based on its beliefs about reality, ... magic is allowed to happen. Because our deeply rooted, unconscious beliefs are manifesting reality.



OK, so let's get more practical.


I love to make animated GIFs, caption pics, videos and other stuff from the show. A while ago I made an animated GIF, as described in an earlier blog entry:




As described there, some amount of chaos was unexpectedly introduced into the making of that picture, and it turned out to be the most popular aniGIF I had ever made. Note that I absolutely identify with Pinkie Pie at my core, that the picture was about her and that it was taken from the episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen". You see where this is going? wink.png Pinkie Pie's unexplainable premonition and Twilight Sparkle eventually giving up her denial?


But hey, this is just a TV show right? It's not real!

Haha, OK, if that's what you choose to believe and manifest. biggrin.png If you don't want that awesomeness to be part of reality, go ahead. wink.png


Some time after that, I had an idea about a crossover video between Game of Thrones and MLPFiM.



The idea was just to edit together two scenes. That was what my mind came up with. But in the process of making that, it evolved. I realized how perfectly I could use Spike's voice for the GoT dragon, and the video material was just enough to make it happen. There were also some other synchronicities involved; stuff that just fit with uncanny millisecond accuracy as if designed just for this.


And it became by far the most successful video I have ever made. It got 17000 views in the first five days! And from the feedback it became clear that the popularity stemmed mainly from the dragon lipsync part, which apparently was entertainingly unexpected.



So in a way I feel thankful and blessed to be given experiential feedback like this; that I come up with a basic idea, just an initial impulse, and then I keep the reigns loose and allow the magic to happen.


I once experienced my meager musical skills multiply when I found someone who provided a musical lead.


Get your mind out of the way and let it flow!

(This, as a brief sidenote, is also how zero point energy generators work and why mainstream scientists have trouble wrapping their head around the concept.)


Taking the Daoist principle of Yin and Yang as a model, the world is currently still in a phase of Yang dominance. Control rules, actively influencing things, pushing things into motion, not very able to let things develop on their own.



Let me point out that profound mind-freeing spiritual realizations are usually accompanied by uncontrollable laughter. And Pinkie Pie with her non-caring for reality and playful breaking of the fourth wall represents the element of laughter.


Twilight Sparkle clearly is a wizard - a well-read one - and her expertise is 'thunder magic'.

Pinkie Pie is a wizard, too, but not really well-read, which is an advantage for her subtle but profound branch of magic. Her expertise is the influencing of reality by willing things to be. She's a bit like one of those long-bearded masters in the mountains who smile all the time, because they see no reason to take life so seriously. ... Well, except when she has her Pinkamena phase, haha. Nobody's perfect.




So ... how much are you ready to believe in? Can you let go, free up a part in yourself and allow the values of the show to become an integral and guiding part of your being?




Here's a basic magical training exercise:


Next time you see a rainbow, find the point where it touches the ground. If you can do that, you have become better at practicing magic. wink.png





I'm still at the very beginning of this exciting and difficult journey, but wanted to share with you the humble experiences of success I had and give you some background info on what fuels me.




Thanks for reading!


Please feel free to comment and tell me what's on your mind!



Recommended Comments

Coincidences don't bring rational minds to their knees. They amaze us as much as they do you. In fact, we can probably get more out of extreme coincidence than people who believe it's caused by something (be it yourself, synchronicity, a higher power, or whatever). You see a coincidence like that and think "see, magic!". I see it and think "Hey, that is really cool! The chances against that happening are astronomical, but it did happen, and in just the perfect way! The universe is a seriously cool place!"

And actually, the farther you go into the probabilities, it usually ends up in better explanations. If you research deeper, you can often find little things that influenced all of the seemingly unrelated events.

Also, a lot of people seem to have problems with realizing that extremely low probabilities of something happening is not the same as no probability of it happening. An unfathomably huge number of things happen every second, so it stands to reason that the highly improbable ones are going to happen at times, too. Everything that can physically happen is going to happen sooner or later (without getting into personal details. Yeah, it's possible for me to stab myself in the neck within the next 30 seconds, but it ain't gonna happen :P).


As for the apparent synchronicity in your Game of Thrones/MLP crossover video... not exactly impressed. The words Spike said (Well, well, well) are all very simple, requiring only 1 major movement of the mouth, and are just the same thing repeated 3 times. The dragon moving its mouth in a way that could conceivably be it saying "Well" isn't all that farfetched. Not to mention the fact that it's a dragon talking, so the mouth/dialogue synch isn't as scrutinized as if it were something with a humanoid face talking. Also, you edited it to synch it up :P

I've seen much more complicated synchronizations that required barely any editing at all. Hell, my friend once put some pretty brutal gangster rap to Spongebob and it synched up surprisingly well with minimal editing.



Also, on a different note, we have to remember that the show is just a kid's show. Yeah, it teaches good stuff, but nobody should follow it religiously. It's not meant to be a guiding force in one's entire life.

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Thanks for giving an elaborate example of what I'm talking about, haha.

It's all good. ... And entertaining. :)

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