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The best ways to practice mediocrity



Witnessing excellence causes amazement and joy. But this would not be if it weren't for mediocrity ( and outright failure, haha ) to provide the necessary contrast.

So these things are a necessity in order to make excellence and success have a massive impact.


And I thought, these things being a necessity, it would be best to create them through the least motivating means.


What I'm trying to say is: If your or someone else's creative output isn't consistently excellent, rejoice! It means that there is a person regularly putting out mediocrity without being demotivated by it, since they have occasional excellence to pull them through.

Also, learning is great! If you achieved excellence in a certain profession right away, you would not create all the failure and unimpressive material that's so necessary for the contrast to even your own future excellence. When you are learning, you have your progress as a motivating force, making this an example of another type of mediocrity relatively easy to create.


This is why I tend to put out there whatever comes to my mind. Even if I become better at something, I won't pressure myself into becoming overly selective. When some idea reflects who I am, I will go with it. This is art. Not worrying about what people expect to get, but expressing yourself.


The greatest admiration though should go to those people who manage to provide a consistent supply of mediocrity without having the lack of excellence crush the force that drives them. There are those who aspire to greater heights and torture themselves with those aspirations until they can fulfill them (if ever), and those who go through a life of mediocrity with the serenity of a buddhist sage.


Thus we are all contributing necessary parts to this shared experience.




P.S.: I'm the self-torture type. laugh.png


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