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It's so not fair



That like, 2/3 of the MLP "artists" I've found, are as good as, or even better than the people who have signed record deals.

Like, no. Someone, find them. Someone, hire them, take them to your studio and write them songs, or let them write their own and make an album and freaking sell it.


Let them write their own book. Really. Just do it.

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Pretty sad, isn't it? It's cheaper just to pull some schmoe off the street and autotune him until he sounds decent.

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I must agree. But, in general, there is A LOT of talent like that on the internet. The problem is more that these people may (or may not) be such hard workers as the people on top (How much they needed to work to get there, like srsly.). You're also expected to write a song(s) about love. Cos, record companies love dat.


Now, to excuse my rambling, yes.

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