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The Last Unicorn - review annotations



I watched The Last Unicorn again. (First time was as a child.)


Here some comments:


1) The unicorn has a star on her head, around her horn, that looks quite a lot like the main star in Twilie's cutie mark.


2) In dubbing, they used the sound of a flying pigeon for a raven, a falcon ... and AN OWL!!! Owls are known for their silent flying, and there they apply the sound of probably the loudest flyer of all to it.


3) A Prince slays not just a dragon in a typical western style context, but an Asian style dragon! In Asia dragons are associated with wisdom and are very diferent from the dragons in Western tales.


4) The King Haggard part reminded me a bit of the Greyjoy family stuff in Game of Thrones.


5) I refuse to drink Red Bull!

(Better quench your thirst with water.)


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