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Startup -Make Ready!

Mr. Kochi Bracegirdle



Well, this is my first time using this blog thing. Therefore, I do believe it's a good moment to explain what's this all about.


This blog will be dedicated to my creations in Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic wars. By "creations" I do not only mean things such as, for instance, skins or remodelling, but also things related to my regiment, the 47th Regiment of Foot, academic essays regarding certain topics of the Napoleonic Wars and maybe a bit of extra candy-coated pony stuff, too.




Lately I've been working day and night on school stuff, thus not allowing me to work much on Napoleonic Wars. However, I did have two weeks of Winter holidays, and here's what I came up with during those two glorious weeks:






Italian Guardia D'Onore -Imperial Guards


Boney's Italian personal bodyguards. The Italian Guardia D'onore was a regiment of the French Imperial Guard, composed almost exclusively of Italian pro-French soldiers of the Kingdom of Italy. This army, even though it did not belong to France per se, was attached to Napoleon's Grande Armée, and took part in the Austrian and Russian campaigns.




This skin is dedicated to a good friend of mine, who... well... saved my arse. He literally saved my school semester in History, since he helped me out -quite a lot- writing a 4000 extended essay on Wilhelm Von Steuben, the Prussian captain responsible for the reinvention of the Continental Army in the American War of Independence. The Italian Grenadiers were made for his Napoleonic Wars clan, which, unfortunately, disbanded a few weeks ago.
















Eagle Bearer:


















Stay tuned for more updates. I'm off.


Addio, amici!



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