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I'm not an anti Brony. Stop accusing me of being one.

Spigot The  Bear


blog-0437567001369069175.pngI cannot believe how many people message me and add me to call me an anti brony.

I am far from an anti brony, I love the damn show.

I've been watching this show for a very long time, too long IMO.

I have never once insulted ponies in my whole time knowing of the show.


^not the desktop of an anti brony


I have gone by pony names on steam for quite a while and my favorite pony is Colgate.


I am also working with a few friends of mine on the Steam community to make a MLP online metroidvania RPG game. Been doing this for MONTHS, still programming it as we speak.


Just because I do not show myself as a pony on this site doesn't mean I am an Anti Brony.

I love those colorful Equines.


I am the only brony that I know of in my town Krzeszowice, I haven't met a single other one here, but I still love the show.


I've entered talent shows with Pony related music, I have a lot of toys (trust me when I say A LOT) and six shirts, two hoodies and a backpack plus countless stickers and other vanity MLP crap.


Even though I was born and live in Poland I've traveled over sea's to around three brony conventions.


I would call myself the opposite of an anti brony. I think that is fair to say, stop calling me a damn anti brony.


Drink Pepsi.

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Tl;dr quit hating ponies.



Serouisly though, that is kinda stupid, you'd think people wouldn't make assumptions learning that from the show itself...

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My college instructor always said


"Assumptions make an Ass of you U and Me" 



Yeah man all these horrid assumptions make me laugh a little.

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That desktop is neat and I want to know how you made it that way. :u

For the face and clock and crap I use Rainmeter for windows 7.

For the start orb I used a program I made that sucks

for the task bar I just moved it haha

and that is a wallpaper in my 83 wallpaper rotation

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Neat.  I knew the last two, haha.  Should have been specific.


What's Rainmeter? ohmy.png


Edit:  Nevermind, Google is a friend.  That looks sweet.

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Neat.  I knew the last two, haha.  Should have been specific.


What's Rainmeter? ohmy.png


Edit:  Nevermind, Google is a friend.  That looks sweet.

Rainmeter is the shit man. Easy to make your own apps for it too.

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