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Official Pony.fm Android App Alpha



Hey There,


Have you ever wanted an Android Application where you're able to listen to music from Pony.fm easily? Well wonder no more! We've been doing just that!


For the past couple of weeks @Hypereddie and I have been working on just that, an android version of Pony.fm. We are pleased to announce the alpha for it will be available very soon!


When the Alpha launches only the basic features will be available: List of Latest and Popular Tracks, and the ability to play music!

During the course of the alpha we will be improving upon this and adding the ability to search tracks by name or by browsing them as you would on the site, such as browsing by genre or type of song.


The aim for this first alpha test is to get as many features that don’t require you to login working without crashing and to be user friendly. A second Alpha test, which you will automatically receive by being an Alpha Tester, will be to add and test out the ability to log in and perform user operations such as commenting and favouriting a track.


Here's a WIP preview of the application in it's current state.




How do you become an alpha tester? Simply click here and join the google+ community. Once you are in the google+ community you will find a post with more details on how to download it.


If the application crashes make sure to send the crash report to us/google so we can fix it!


All comments in this thread please smile.png


Thanks for your time and see you around!

~Lavoaster img-1502092-2-laugh.png

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