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Youtube - Anger helps



Youtube is a constant source of anger for me.

This forum, too. Right now because I can't make the same Youtube link multiple times (it will embed multiple times though!) and the first link got converted to embed despite me not embedding it, but linking it, and the poem I made recently took me half an hour to format properly, but never mind. I will be crippling the Youtube links in this text, because the forums won't do what I tell it to do.


I wanted to watch

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic PINKIE PINKIE PINKIE (compilation)


in fullscreen, but my Windows task bar is set to fixed, and HTML5 player always has the task bar in the picture.


So I tried


but it still loaded HTML5 instead of Flash player. It outright ignored the parameter that took me extra effort to type out in the URL.

So I switched to my permanently open browser tab with the HTML5 'trial' opt-out

to check for the gazillionth time whether I had been put in again, but no. Still opted out.

So I tried a variation, just to be sure:




Still HTML5.




Still HTML5.




That got me the Flash player.



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