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Grand Theft Auto V





The game that we are all anticipating to see showcased at E3, and to see more gameplay of since the only features we have seen are how we can play as three characters for the first time ever in Grand Theft Auto in which it will have the styles of San Andreas and Vice City. In where you can fly helicopters, fly in a airplane, skiing, and doing other activities that we couldn't do in the past.


We know that Rockstar Games will not disappoint on the series at all. You can play as three characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. There will be a Collector's Edition and Special Edition of the game available only for pre-order only. There will be a huge variety of cars, trucks, bikes, helicopters, planes, ATVs, and jet skis.

It will definitely not disappoint with the new activities, mobile, map, and the new open world style.


When the game releases on September 17th, what are your expectations and your plans on what you will do in Grand Theft Auto V? That is all, for now. Ciao!

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Never played any GTA except for the IV one. I not so great at video games. I not understand them very much. Only started to play games since last year.


They are pretty fun, but I only play for one or two hours. Makes me feel lazy if I play any longer. I have to work out afterwards :P


But......this one looks really fun. IV was fun. I enjoy killing bad guys a lot :D

Makes me feel like a vigilante! New one looks so cool like real life or movie! Games now look so good. Only game I played as a kid was this look really neat.


Can not wait to kill bad guys again :P

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