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Returning to Writing MLP Fanfiction





A while ago I worked on some fan-fictions that I have been rather proud of. These stories - all revolving around the same MLP pre-season 3 universe have all interlinked into my own personal canon of the series.


Alas, I quit writing mostly due to seeing stories about Shipping or video-game crossovers garnering all the attention whereas mine are swept beneath the onslaught of new tales. Oh woe is me!


However, I am putting my pride aside for it shan't always be about hits and likes, but more for the enjoyment of the writings!


As such, I shall be finishing a story that I have put on pause (Rarity focused) before returning to a full creative storm of chaos.


For those of you who have yet to see my work, I have been known for my stories:


Going Home

Luna's Romp


Chaos and Anarchy


If you care to read these tales, please do at my fimfiction account:



And wish me luck!

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