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[Spoiler-ish] Season 4 Comic Con - my reactions

Princess Periwinkle





Here's my actions to the Season 4 section from EqD.


Meghan is excited about the new opportunities Twilight as an alicorn unlocks, but she stays true to her usual Twilight Sparkle adorkable way.

Great, but we already knew that was the plan.


They are doing something that they have never done on the show before but keeping it the same pony style.

This scares me. Nothing more to say here.


Tons of music this season, including characters that haven't sung yet. Between 15-20 songs tota.

Good! I loved Magical Mystery Cure partly because of all the songs.


Daniel is most proud of season 4 in comparison to all other seasons so far. He is just finishing up the final song right now.

Dis gon b gud.


Most of the names people shouted out have songs according to MK (Luna, Scratch, and a few others, though everyone kept shouting Derpy. It's going to be a tough sell to let her sing)

Super excited for a possible DJ-P0N3 song.


They think of the episodes as actual movies as opposed to short half hour episodes.

Um... Ok. Cool, I guess.


Spike has a lot of fun in season 4.

Ehh... Not a big Spike fan. Let's hope it's more background fun rather than episode-centered fun.


Meghan promises Rarity does get an episode this season. She doesn't want anymore "DON'T BELIEVE HER LIES!" memes!

She better get an episode.


They think they broke Tabitha with the Rarity lines this season

YES. I love Rarity's lines.


Andrea says Pinkie Pie's season 4 writing is hilarious, and piles of crazy stuff happens to Fluttershy.

Pinkie's humor has definitely gotten better since "Friendship is Magic".


The musical style episode in season 4 centers around Pinkie Pie.

Crap. My favorite songs are pretty much all non-Pinkie.


Pinkie Pie meets someone who gives her a run for her partying money.

Suprise, anyone?


Spike is put into situations much more uncomfortable than normal.

Not sure what to think here. Although my guess is another Spike episode rather like "Dragon Quest".


And now for a few from the Q&A section.


Q: Is Scootaloo an Orphan?

A: Just because Scootaloo's parents haven't been on screen yet, doesn't mean they are dead.

I never thought of Scootaloo's parents as dead, so this is good for me. :D


Q: Why haven't Pinkie Pie's parents and sisters visited her?

A: Season 4 has a Pinkie Pie sisters visiting episode.

I've long been interested in Inkie and Blinkie or whatever their names are, so more good!


Q: Will Rarity be famous due to Twilight's alicorn status and clothing line?

A: She's already famous

The whole fact that no one seems to treat the mane 6 as celebrities/saviors is already confusing. I hope they work on this in S4.


Q: Will Vinyl and Octavia get an episode?

A: Pony needs a side series for all these ponies!

So I'm guessing no. I dunno... I might rather leave the background ponies to fanons.


Alright that's it. On the whole I'm super excited, but I have to say that teaser

was CRAZY. Got me a little nervous to be honest.


Everything is going to be fine.


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