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Yoggy Dreams...

Skye Starlight


I don't normally blog more than once a day, but this one's much more upbeat and random... It's also completely off topic from my other one.


Okay, I think I've been watching way too much Yogscast lately. I've had 5 dreams about them in the past 2 weeks. That's all the dreams I've had in that space of time.


The first, I was commander of a squadron, and we were killing stuff in a mountain fortress, and then there was a nuke, and an avalanche... And then Duncan and I dug out Lewis, Simon apparently dug himself out, and Hannah... She was a plant... Which confused my brain enough to wake me up.


I thought nothing of it. Laughing at the fact that Hannah was a plant.


Then the next one came... I don't remember much, just that it had something to do with the Yogscast.


Then the third one. Duncan and I went camping. Like, normal, realistic camping.


The fourth one was Sjin and Rythian in a maze made by Duncan. The words, "We have to work together" was all I heard.


The fifth? Everyone was in a murder mystery. Which is strange because I don't really like murder mysteries. But apparently Lewis, Rythian and Sjin had been killed and everyone was panicking. I remember Hannah screaming... That's about it. Oh, and Duncan and Simon were there too...


I'm beginning to think I've gone insane with this.


What's probably craziest. None had Zoey in them, and all had Duncan. Zoey is my favorite though, with Duncan being second to her. To have these 2 at opposite ends of the spectrum, it seems odd...


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