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Family Blues and Peace at last

Skye Starlight


Life,illogical at the best of times, down right confusing at the worst.


Also, I've taken it upon myself to do more chores around the house, and try and say "Thank you" more often, along with "Please"


Why? Because my mom doesn't think my brother and I show her enough respect. Because she's sick of us not doing the chores. Because she's been really stressed with work, and my brother and I aren't making her life any easier. Because her stress is stressing me out.


So, by doing more work, I'm decreasing the stress and frustration in my household. It's peaceful, finally. My younger brother doesn't seem as demanding lately either... He's bored though.


Another thing, we're a family of introverts, with the exception of my mom who is an extrovert. We don't tend to do much together anymore... I remember, we used to play Mario Kart Wii... I'd almost always win. My mom wasn't very good, so we'd tend to get on an even playing field in Wii Sport, when we'd play bowling. I kept my cool, whilst my mom and younger brother laughed. Kinda how I managed a couple strikes in a row once. But that was only once or twice a year. I think we need to do it more often.


Also, my mom was at least tipsy when we did these things. She'd wobble a bit, slur occasionally, but nothing too bad. She was never blind-drunk. It think it helped her have fun coming in last in Mario Kart. Me and my brother never touched her wine, cause we knew we had a better chance sober.


Oh, the memories...


But things haven't been the same lately. My mom and brother have had trigger-hair tempers, and I've noticed a shift that way in myself as well. Which is why I decided to change things. Which is why I decided to step out and take on that extra bit of responsibility.


I think this may be attributed to a growing sense of maturity in me.


Also, a lot is going on in my life right now, so expect more blogs from me really, really soon!


Happily a friend

Skye Starlight


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