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Goofy's Timeline Explained!



After my last post about Goofy, I decided to try and figure out the Goofy Time Line using the two Goofy Movies and Goof Troop as a guideline. This is My (Mazer/DiscordAnarchy) personal take on the Goofy Time line. Are you ready to have your mind blown?


In 2000, Max is 18 (going by the fact he is starting college and the movie was released in 2000). So this means Max was born in 1982.


Goofy mentions that he loved living during the 70s which means he has to be a preteen-through-teenager during that era.


Now, Goofy also has only 3 years of college experience. Using this as a guideline to him being a single father currently here is what I am concluding:


Goofy was born in 1961. He started college in 1979 and drop out in 1982 after Max is born. While his girlfriend takes care of Max he ends up getting random jobs to pay for his new family (As seen in the Goofy Shorts). Some time between 1982-1989 (In the Goofy shorts, Max is never really shown to be older than 7 years old). Goofy’s wife/girlfriend passes away.


It is during this time period in which GOOF TROOP starts when Max is going through the ages of 11-14. At the start of the Goofy Movie, Max is near the end of High school and after High School it leads into Extremely Goofy Movie.


  • 1961: Goofy is born
  • 1975: Goofy enters High School
  • 1978-79 Goofy is a cheerleader for his High School football team. He accidentally ruins a touchdown for his best-friend Pete and causes a rift in their friendship.
  • 1979: Goofy starts college. He is actually considered quite popular due to his fantastic dancing. During his freshman year, he meets his (name unknown) girlfriend and they begin dating.
  • 1982: Goofy gets his girlfriend pregnant. He drops out of college when Max is born. He marries his girlfriend and begins taking odd jobs to support his new family.
  • 1991-1992: Goofy’s wife passes away, devastating Goofy.
  • 1993: Goofy moves his son Max to Spooner Street and starts his life as a single parent. He is neighbors with Pete. Pete is still very bitter about the football game and takes many chances to cause hell in Goofy’s life. Max meets PJ and they become fast friends.
  • 1995: 14-year old Max starts highschool. Pete finally lets go of his grudge and he and Goofy become better friends.
  • 1995-1996: To get the attention of a girl he likes, Max holds a concert during the end-of-the-year assembly at his school. He becomes mega popular but Goofy worries about his well being. Goofy takes Max camping in an attempt to reconnect with his son.
  • 1996-1999: Max and Roxanne break up
  • 2000: 19 year old Max heads off to college. Goofy loses his job and needs to return to college in order to finally get his diploma. Goofy and Max end up in the college X games. During this time, Goofy meets Sylvia and starts dating for the first time in 8 years. Goofy gets his diploma while Max wins the X-Games.
  • 2000: Goofy turns 39.

Thoughts on my theory?

  • Brohoof 3


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Very well-thought out. If true, which it probably is, Disney really planned ahead. Either that or it's some epic coincidence.

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