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Now drop the motherbucking Bass!

Rainbow    Dash


Usually my workplace annoys me since tourists who come to eat at my workplace are retarded. Today was a little different as i got shoved in the kitchen to make food. After two hours of getting steam blasted in my face and listening to the same rap music -crappy rap music where they sing about smacking girls and making money- the guy, whose ipod was plugged into the sound system, finally left.


Now it was just me, a new hire, and a lead in the kitchen. I plugged in my iphone and yelled out:

"Who's ready for some mothaf***** my little pony dubstep and house!"


All my co-workers now or have heard that i am a brony. Some think im playing when i say how much of a brony i am. Others laugh either at me or with me. When i started playing the music the lead didnt pay no attention. The new hire laughed and said:

"Oh shit, bro!"


As the songs played another co-worker came in. This co-worker is a metal head like me. The difference is that he is not a brony and is in complete disbelief that someone like me could even watch the show. He laughs at the 'absurdity' and makes remarks like:

"Oh my god." Or "I love you Auron" (not my real name btw)


I also get a good laugh since his laughs are infectious. Hes the type of person that laughs at something way too hard. Anyways, as i played the dubstep parts of my brony playlist he sighed and said things like:

"What the hell am I listening to?" and "This sounds like two robots doing it."


I soon got a big smile on my face and scrolled down to all my Sim Gretina songs. Songs that were house versions of actual show songs. I began to play BBBFF remixed. As soon as the music started playing i danced t it while cooking the food.


The cowrkers in the kitchen with me laughed and shook their heads. After a while the upbeat vibes coming from the songs became too much for the metal head coworker to handle. He said to me:

"One more song then im getting this stuff off."

I told him, "Sure, let me play you one last song of my people."


I then put on one of the Equestria girls song and danced to it as well. The metal head co-worker lost it and walked away from the kitchen. When the song was over he unplugged my iphone and plugged in his Ipod. He started playing Avenged Sevenfold and told me, "Now this is more like it."


Needless to say, I had a good laugh and so did my co-workers.


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