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Its been a while~



So recently I have been struggling in college, not because of work overload, not because of any type of physical problem, but because of a lack of motivation. For those who don't know I am currently going to college for a criminal justice major, but recently I have been questioning myself. I didn't know if this was my calling, if this is what I really wanted to do with my life.


you see, I have always loved using my voice for entertainment, and recently I have been attempting to get into casting video games. I have found that this is incredibly fun to do, and it is a potential career choice. Tonight my dad came into my room to discuss my current rate of study vs video gaming. During this conversation my dad started dropping hints that he thinks policing may not by my career of choice. We looked at a book which identified my personality, and careers that fit with my personality.


After about an hour we started looking at schools, schools that dealt with casting, we found some good ones near my home town, and now it seems as if this could be something I want to do with my life. It isn't as "impressive" as being a cop, or a lawyer, but it seems much more enjoyable, and I don't want to be stuck at a job that I hate.


Tomorrow I am going to do even more research about this potential career, hopefully it will work out, and I can be learning to do something I love. For anyone who reads this, I ask for your support, not through any physical means, but just through positive thoughts, and prayer (if you feel comfortable doing so). Thanks for letting me be part of the amazing community of wonderful people.


-Joshua C. Rudesill: Potential future entertainer :)

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Hey, that’s really awesome that your father is so supportive of what you’d like to do in life. If you were asking me I’d go for what you’d enjoy and that’s doing voice work. Who cares how impressive it is? If you can make a living doing what you really enjoy then I think it would be foolish not to peruse it. Best of luck to you which ever path you decide to take.

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