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Harmonic's Thoughts on Princess Celestia (My Favorite Pony)

Alright, so I thought it was time I made this post, it needed to be done, I shall explain in detail why Celestia is so amazing. I mean, she really is.



Alright, so let's start with her design. She is beautiful, she is simply beautiful. Her color scheme is great, the soft warm colors highly reflect her relationship with the sun,her royal attire is great, the crown is just amazing, everything about her design is great.


Fanart has done her a lot of justice in this regard. She looks quite beautiful.


Here are a few of my favorites:







As you can see, she just looks beautiful. I especially love the colors of her mane and how they flow the way they do.


I love her eye color as well, it's beautiful.





Now on to perhaps what will be the longest and most important section, aka the second half (But more like seven eighths) of the review, her personality.


One of the things I like about her personality is her Innocence. People tend to say she is a "Mary Sue", I'd argue with that on the grounds that she has some negative traits (I'll talk about those later). In a way, she represents everything the show is about, benevolence, friendship, love, compassion. She encompasses these, not as a poor choice of character personality, but as a way to tie the entirety of the show together.


Another thing about her is her good sense of humor (Seen several times, most noticeably in A Bird in The Hoof). She is very easy-going and shows a good trait for a ruler, she takes things in stride. Anybody could tell you that in real life, totalitarian rulers who take time to sit back and ask questions for before acting, and act in a benevolent and wise way, are not exactly too common. (See; Why there are not many Kingdoms around anymore).


Her wisdom and forgiveness are showcased more than once, and are great traits for any ruler to have. First of all, I'm going to turn to the Canterlot Wedding and point out how she does not, say, arrest Twilight even when Twilight is basically threatening Chrysalis (Who everybody thought was Cadence at the time). Think about it, any ruler who saw somebody, even a close friend, threaten the royal family would probably do a little bit more than ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. But Celestia actually in a way, while not exactly believing Twilight, is seen to at least show a bit of faith or trust in Twilight. Another example of this is in the pilot episode, where Celestia accepts Luna back immediately, even after the trouble she caused as Nightmare Moon, which is not exactly what most would do when being kidnapped (Even by a sibling).


She ends up making decisions that a lot would be reluctant to, and she does this all for the good of her ponies, for this reason, she is a great Princess/Ruler/Pony.


One thing you might notice, relating to her sense of humor, is that at times she can be quite childish, but again, I feel that this is more a component of the innocence than anything. For example, the whole event with Philomena could have been handled better.


I will now address some of the points people bring up when insulting Celestia;


-"She is unwise/unfair because when Discord came back, she sent the Mane Six along, and did not go with them"


There are several reasons she could not do this. One of them is that she kind of rules a kingdom that does not magically stop existing when she lives the Castle, she has politics to attend to, politics that her kingdom's existence relies upon. You can't risk your ruler getting captured or killed, no matter what's at stake, no different for Celestia. In addition, she could not fully comprehend the situation, but she did know that the Elements of Harmony could be used to seal him away. For Celestia to know that the Mane Six would get in trouble, she would need to have some kind of advanced foresight, which she doesn't have. Ironically, if she did have this trait, she would be a Mary Sue, something people arguing against her often call her, even in the arguments addressing her flaws.


-"She was ignorant/arrogant about the Nightmare Moon situation"


Okay, hypothetical person I'm arguing. Do you really expect that anyone would reasonably think that their sibling would turn into some kind of powerful evil being because they were not too popular? It's ridiculous to assume that she would have guessed this. In regard to the arrogance, that's kind of a core part of being a ruler, period.


-"|Insert some Generic comment about how she's an inferior princess to Luna|"


Luna has no character development. I tried to see what people liked about her, but other than her sweet character design, I failed. She was in like what, three episodes? At least Luna has more personality than Cadence, I suppose. But still, Celestia is supposed to be the exact opposite of Luna personality, just like the Sun and Moon, they're opposites, she fits the bill perfectly, and I just don't understand why people hate her for it.


-"Celestia is emotionless'


No, she's not. She is full of pride and has good posture, but she shows quite a bit of emotion, like her concern during A Bird in the Hoof that the guests are treating her too royally, to the end where she is legitimately laughing at Philomena's joke that she pulled on Fluttershy.


In addition, Celestia has quite a close relationship with Twilight, not something an "emotionless" character would have.


-"Celestia is a Mary Sue"


Really? Celestia has actually made more bad decisions and displayed more negative traits than Luna has.


Let's list them,




-Lack of foresight (Negative according to Anti-Celestia bronies, usually)










I'm not saying that these traits make either character bad, they don't, I'm just trying to point out that in actual episodes of the show, Luna is actually more perfect than Celestia, so the argument that she is a Mary Sue does not make sense.


As for Luna's list of flaws, I was only trying to list ones that people actually view as negative, I can't list things like social awkwardness because that's a LIKABLE trait.


-"Cadence is a better Princess"





Celestia, like any ruler, has made bad decisions from time-to-time. But overall, I'd say that she is a pretty wise ruler, and a great character overall. I just really really like her a lot. And for this reason, she is best Princess and best pony in general.



Thank you for your time. I know that some parts of this were repetitive but the amazingness of Celestia was distracting and I got carried away.

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I absolutely love Princess Celestia, she's at least my third favorite pony over all. She's also the best princess to me. Like you, I still cannot understand all the hype over Luna. 

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Nicely written.  I've always liked Princess Celestia and I think Equestria is pretty lucky to have her in charge. 


Princess Luna has an air of mystery about her that Celestia does not.  That's mostly all her popularity is written on. 

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Celestia is probably my favorite non-mane 6 pony next to Scootaloo. She's one of the most beautiful characters in an animated series, and you described why very thoroughly. I always thought, ever since I started watching the show, everything about her was very regal. Her name (Princess Celestia, my goodness, that is epic), her form, her color scheme, and especially her voice (Nicole Oliver, it was a blessing meeting her in person.).


She is so full of character, and is just so likeable. I don't really hear any flak for Celestia, but I know she does have some flaws, but that goes for every character.

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Great post. I agree, Luna steals the show way too much - Celestia is a far better princess. She also didn't mind when Pinkie ate her cupcake in S1E22, so I'm cool with her :)

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