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Harmonic Revelations



My control of our life crumbles away slowly

The silence overtaking us

I think of all the time we spent together

skipping through the fields, nary a worry or care


When we first met, love at first sight

she was all I had ever wanted

Her words sweet like fresh berries, picked right from the bush

her beauty unmatched by the greatest works of the greatest artists


Her smile warm like the sun, on a cool clear day

Her eyes shined green like the crisp forest, in the windy summer air

Her love was all I ever needed

All I ever wanted


When we were together, nothing could tear us apart

at least that's what we thought

If only we knew then

what we know now


So now as I sit here on the cracked and dusty floor

holding her with me, praying to every god there is

That somehow we could pull through and make it past this

But I knew the truth, I knew she would not make it


I cry for her, tears of sadness at the cruelty of life

As I feel her strength draining, it kills me inside

I can only wish it would have been me instead that had to go

as she coldly goes limp in my arms


But I knew the truth, the cold harsh cutting truth

Though we may live high as a mighty king, in the highest castle

or as a lowly rat, scraping by day by day

On what's left behind


We may live our life as the most wicked evil to ever come to be

Or we may live as the most kind and humble knight

Helping all those who come our way, asking nothing in return

In the end, we all turn to dust

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This is beautiful. Absolutely amazing. The message depicted in this is also very, well, saddening, but a very good topic for such a poem. Keep writing, Harmonic. But don't be sad. I really dislike seeing you, or anyone, suffer.

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Wow...that was...beautiful ;_;

You are a fantastic writer Harmy <3

And ...if you ever feel upset, im always here for you Harmy...

Luv u <3

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