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Then a blog was created..




So I've had this idea on my mind for a while, so it was time to make a blog. I have very little idea of what I'll be putting in my blog but a few friends came up with a few ideas. Makusu2, Tricksy Lewlamoon and Sir Stonehoof. Also, for his godlike suggesting Kyouko and The Swedish Brony for an idea of a name for the blog.


I have had a blog before, it was a car blog or a BMW blog so it's not like I'm new to blogs but it's still different since it will probably not only be a car blog and cars blogs are easier to make since you just talk about a car, give some stats and pricing. I want to make this a little bit more personal.


Since this is the first entry and is really just to let you know that I'll be starting this I'll end it on those notes.


So yeah, blog.. :P

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