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My Political Ranting

Harmonic Revelations


Hello, I am here to rant about politics. If that bothers you, please, don't read this. Also, I'm from the US, so it only makes sense that I'll be talking about US politics.



First you'd like to know my political party association, to which I'd respond none, but I mostly lean towards liberal. I don't agree with everything pure straight out liberals believe, for example, I'm very against restrictions on gun-owning, as I myself collect them, and there are some issues I really don't lean either way about.


Anyways, I'm going to first talk about why I disagree with conservatives. Conservatives are interesting, really, because their basic political ideal is simple: Lessen the Power of the government over the people.


This sounds really good on paper, but it would only work if people weren't so...what's the word....being a Fox News Pundit, which is also known by many other names. Welp, basically, what I'm saying is that you can't trust people enough to lessen the control of the government. In addition, I'd also like to say that Conservatives make me angry quite a bit. Mainly because of how judgmental they are to people of different religions and beliefs, I do know that this does not encompass all conservative people, but it sums up the conservative politicians in their entirety.


What most angers me about the conservative party, well, more so the conservative associated news groups, is the way they overblow everything. Ever since one unfortunate event they've been tacking "gate" as a suffix onto everything that happens. They use fear to control their viewers, talking about how new ways will be the end of the old ways. I think that even if they're right, it's just about damn time that our foolish old ways came to an end, considering our old ways are filled with hatred and arrogance.


I'm not going to name who the most hateful and arrogant politicans/businessmen/whatever were, though. *Cough* *Cough* (Also Fred Phelps, but at this point saying he is hateful is like saying that water is wet, I'd also list Mitt Romney if he didn't appear to have a terrible condition where his political position switches every time he enters a different room)


This isn't to say I praise liberals either, I believe they have the right idea in general but are looking for the wrong method to bring this idea to fruition. I guess what I like about liberals is that they're as chill as Snoop dog in a blizzard confusing the snow for cocaine, you know? I don't like extremist politicans in general, it doesn't matter which side they're on, I tend to like poltiicans that fall more in the middle combining conservative and liberal ideas.


Sometimes I like to believe that someday there will be a reasonable politican that actually understands what today's culture is like. Maybe somebody who understands that the world we live in is changing every day and we must adjust our way of thinking accordingly.


So what I'm trying to say is that both political parties have no idea what they're going, but the liberal one kind of makes sense to me.

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The problem I see is that the current system... and culture... rewards politicians for being extremist, divisive sociopaths.


It's a lot like picking up a chat from some popular online fighting game. An echo-box where all they hear near them are the same things bouncing back at them, convincing them that this is what 'normal' is and reinforcing the behavior. Online gamers have faster feedback, but politicians have had a lot longer immersed in the same kind of culture to reach the same point.


And counter-position politicians and media drives it home because they take the exact opposite extreme position, so the politician digs in replies in kind as they are attacked. Being hated on makes a lot of people stubborn and unreasonably defensive. As many Bronies can attest. :)


Add in that the only way to become a politician is to have a lot of money to spend on campaigning, but also no real career or family life to take your attention away from said campaigning, and you have a recipe for encouraging those disconnected from 'real life' and susceptible to the echo-box effect to become one.

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Reinvent politic if you really want this over. People have been biased far too much. They have no idea what things are any longer. Even people forget what's the purpose of communication these days.


All they need is to shut up and see what are actually happening.

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"This sounds really good on paper"

That's the problem with every political ideology, they sound good on paper but in practice, they're flawed.

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