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My Newest OC: Fernando (NEEDS FEEDBACK)



Race: Chair (Prefers the term Wooden Equestrian, Chair has a stigma attached)


Sex: Male


Age: 27 (In Chair Years)


Cutie Mark: None


Appearance: A finely furnished chair with beautiful shine, four legs, and a decorative back rest. In the right light, he has a brilliant periwinkle shine on his legs.



Fernando was born in the humble city of Canterlot to a furnisher named Extravagant Tapestry. Fernando was designed as a chair for the royal castle, originally. However, the castle had recently been rethemed and Fernando would no longer fit in with the decor. He was thrown out, scrapped, he felt abandoned, alone, he just wanted someone to be his companion.


On the streets of Canterlot, Fernando waited for a pony to find him, one who would truly care about him.


Fernando first met the green pony named Harmonic Revelations while Harmonic was desperate to find a friend. Fernando immediately saw that he and Harmonic were meant for each other, so he decided to try to get to know him.


Fernando lives with Harmonic. Fernando enjoys Pina-Coladas and getting caught in the rain. He has a way with words and has been hailed by many as one of the greatest play-wrights of their generation. He is passionate about philosophy and spends many nights thinking about the meaning of life and why some chairs are more wealthy than other chairs, and then about why wealth exists.


Fernando now lives a quiet and peaceful life. He retired after writing his best selling compilation of his poems, called A Frame of Wood, A Heart of Gold. Including such classics as The Plot Groove, Loose Framework, Stand By Me (Or Sit On Me), and more.






Fernando is very well-tempered and is calm in almost every situation. He does however have a problem with laziness, many ponies claim that he has never moved once, although this seems unlikely, it is most likely just a rumor.


Fernando is very empathetic and strongly dislikes seeing sad ponies around him, he tries to provide comfort to those in need. He will do anything for anybody, he will give you the wood off his back if it means that you will be happy.


Fernando is flirty, and takes a particular interest in mares. For this reason, he is unpopular among the Canterlot elite who consider him lewd, however, he has fought this claim tooth and nail, as he feels that it is slandering his reputation. In truth, Fernando feels that he is just flirty, not obscene. He always tries to be as respectful as he possibly can.


Fernando speaks quite formally, and does not often use slang or anything that serves the same purpose. He prefers words like "Hello" over words like "Hi".

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Recommended Comments

First off, dat flirty expression: hawt.


This is a very touching story. :( I felt bad for Fernando, but now I'm happy that he lives in a good caring home. I'm a big fan of all of his previous works, they really gave me emotions I can not explain in words. :( I'm so glad that you're taking care of him, he's a nice chair in deserving of a nice place to live, you probably made him cry but he's a chair so he can't really cry so he cried on the inside.


Of happiness c,:

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I really like, how you described his personality. It made me chair less about why he had no cutie mark. I also chairish how you described you two meeting each other. I found this story to be quite chairful and hope to hear more from you two in the future.

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