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So what was that about prom dress stress?

Skye Starlight


So, my mum took me out shopping for my prom dress today. I can't say I was looking forward to it, but I knew it had to be done. Prom is in 7 weeks, so we needed it sorted, ASAP.


So, we went to a local shop, and we looked at the dresses there. None of them quite suited my taste, but the shop assistant referred us to the store in town, under the same brand-name, because I don't live in town, just near it.


There, I spotted a dress which matched what I was looking for, except the color was orange. I mean, I love purple. I really love purple. Purple is the best color. The only other colors I had been thinking about were blue and pink. Call me girly all you want, I like those colors. And I had told myself I was going to avoid green, black, red and orange.


But the orange of the dress had to be the prettiest orange I'd ever seen. It was bright too, and it really suited me. I decided to think it over, and I think I'm actually going to go for it. It's fabulous, and I can't wait to wear it. No-one's going to look like me. I mean, who wears orange to a prom? Me, obviously...


If you want to stand out, there's nothing like the brightest orange you've ever seen. Seriously, it's kinda neon...


And it only took half an hour of looking through dresses, and 1 dress tried on. I guess all my fussiness in style really paid off! So now, I've finally got my dress!


Lol... I totally just went all girly on you guys... But that was my day! I was a girly-girl for once in my life!


Also, the dress kinda looks like this:



Actually... That is the dress... It's going to be my prom dress...


It's like, fluro orange, and I love it!

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Oooooh pretty! I'm so excited to buy my dress biggrin.png but my grad isn't for like 9 months, so I've got a while to wait sad.png

Some people buy them over a year in advance... I've essentially left mine till the last minute!

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