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The Grotto (Part 1)

Harmonic Revelations


I had Amelia come into my life at a very turbulent time. Amelia was everything I had ever wanted in a woman. I had found myself enchanted, stricken by her. I knew she had to be mine, but you see, Amelia only deserved the best. I am no barbarian, I am a gentleman.


I had to find something to seal our love. Something wonderful, something beautiful, something pure. Some place we could be together forever. I thought I had found the perfect solution.


I found a large cabin for sale partway up the Galdhai mountain. It was perfect. All the room we'd ever know, and more. A nice beautiful location, far away from city life. When I first stepped into the front gate, I felt like this was a place where me and Amelia could truly be happy.


I knew that she would be mine.


I walked inside, and acknowledged the masterfully crafted handmade furniture already in the home. There were two doors on the opposite side of the room from the entrance, one led to the workshop and one led to the basement.


I headed into the workshop. Amelia must be mine.



Many years later...


Jessica and I walked up the rocky slope of the mountain. Galdhai, as they called it. I walked slowly, waiting up for Jessica. After all, this was supposed to be a vacation, I was going to enjoy it. We had to save up a while to save enough money to go to Norway, but from how beautiful the scenery has been thusfar, it is safe to assume that it is well worth it.


We came up on a relatively large flat plain after a while, a seemingly out-of-place dip in the mountain. All around us were trees and grass here. This place literally seemed to be some kind of grotto. I was day dreaming, out-of-it while looking at the beautiful trees.


"Over here, Jacob!" Jessica yelled to me. Her soft voice made me jump, as I had been lost deep in thought.


I followed after her voice, moving between the trees, until I saw what she had found. We had stumbled upon a dilapidated house. The home still retained some beauty, however, in it's serenity. It was clear that nature had begun reclaiming this home, as the trees bent inwards and the leaves brushed against the shuttered-roof of this now long abandoned home.


The house appeared to have three floors, with a balcony in front, on the third floor. It was standard in cabin shape. A few yards in front of the front door, there was a statue of a woman weeping. The hands were covering the face, so if this statue was meant to be anybody in particular, I had no way to tell.


The place was honestly starting to creep me out a little bit. I walked up to Jessica, putting my hand on her shoulder.


"We should really get out of here, we won't make it to the mountain's summit on schedule if we stick around here too long." I said.


As if in response to my words, the sky darkened, and heavy snow began to fall. This turn of events meant that getting back to camp would not be an option and advancing further up the mountain would almost certainly yield nothing but death. We had no choice but to enter the house.


"I'll go in first." I said, putting one hand on the door knob and twisting it slowly, pulling the door open. A strange cold breeze blew into my face. It was already cold outside, but this breeze was difference. It wasn't just something cold, it was more than that.


I took out my flashlight and turned it on, walking inside, Jessica following closely behind me.


Once inside, I was relieved, it appeared to be a simple home. Although abandoned and in questionable condition, the sense of dread the breeze had given me had faded away. I looked around the room. Inside was a table, with four chairs, one chair turned over, a fireplace, and two doors side-by-side on the opposite side of the room from the exit. Old wooden shelves lined the walls, some were falling apart with age.


I approached the fireplace. It was lit, and it's warmth was comforting. I had Jessica sit down next to it. I knew that she definitely needed some time to warm up, I decided I must as well explore until the storm lets up.


I tried the first door, it was positioned left of the other door. I tried to open it, but it would not budge. Looking around it, I noticed that there was a dusty sign above the door. I wiped off the dust and looked at it once more. It read "Workshop", although some of the lettering had faded.


I decided to try the other door. It had a sign reading basement above it. I figured maybe I could find some fire wood or something else to keep occupied until the storm stops. I walked down the steps, with each step I took, the creaking seemed louder. I knew that this was just me being paranoid, so I pressed forward.


Once at the bottom of the staircase, I could see that the room only really had one thing of interest. In the middle of the room there was an ax. I reached out my hand and grabbed the handle, the handle was cold like ice.


Suddenly the room started shaking, lights flickering. It felt like a high-magnitude earthquake. Bookcases and tables were flipping over. I collapsed onto the ground, and everything went black.

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