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Steel Matt










As many of you know, the state of the world economy (especially the condition of the United States) is in condition red. But that is not exactly what this short blog post is about. The condition red stands for two things: the state of our economy, and the state of our declining moral values. Especially when it comes to sex (another symbolic example of the condition "red").


As a nation, we no longer seem to have any moral values when it comes to sex. In fact, America seems to be obsessed with sex. We no longer seem to worship a divine figure, but our worship lies with money, sex, and anything else that "feels goods".


So, why is this a problem? Well, to put it simply (even regardless of ones spiritual beliefs) a nation that is not able to control itself morally, will never be able to find stability. In fact, a historian did a study on 83 to 87 past nations and societies that eventually became obsessed with sex, and refused to recognize a moral guideline for it (especially Rome). When compared to other nations that found revival and re-established their moral values, that scary part is...all 83 to 87 societies that became addicted to sex and other immoral acts...failed. And that brings me to the main topic! If we don't re-establish what morals we are going to live by as a nation, how are we going to be able to sustain ourselves!


This is the path of the nation, if we do not make a change:


1. From bondage to spiritual faith

2. From spiritual faith to great courage

3. From great courage to liberty

4. From liberty to abundance

5. From abundance to selfishness

6. From selfishness to complacency

7. From complacency to Apathy

8. From apathy to moral decay

9. From moral decay to dependence (RED ALERT!)

10. From dependence back to bondage.




Now folks, there is hope! Also, this blog is titled "Reflections of Passion" and I am very passionate at attempting to find others that agree...we need a moral revival!


This is a very short entry and I hope to elaborate on it much further, but for now, we need to recognize the problem before we think of ways to fix it. And this is the basic idea of the problem. Everypony, we are in CONDITION RED! And it's time to act.



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Hold up hold up hold up.


Sex isn't bad. It doesn't have anything to do with moral values. In fact, its considered sacred in the bible. However, people do abuse and bad things do happen.

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You are definitely correct! Sex is a very good thing. However, there are moral guidelines for sex. But the main topic is moral values as a whole.


I definitely want to go into this discussion further, but I believe it will be for a later time.

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