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How does Twilight Sparkle do it? - A look at time management, life, and how to get better at it!

blog-0157342001381231462.jpgIt must be clear from people who say me post often a month ago, that I have so much less time at the moment then what I used to have to browse the forums. At one point I was posting many times a day effortlessly and spending many hours enjoying reading all of your topics, but nowadays I seem to have barely any time at all!


Lets face it; I'm struggling with both time management and just a massive lack of time for everything. Currently I am trying to juggle:


1. My course

2. My church/reading my bible

3. Societies

4. Catching up with friends

5. Playing games like Pokemon and Dota

6. House Work/cooking


and I just don't currently have the time management skills to be able to do it. But there is a pony I know that does, Twilight Sparkle. So how would she do it?


Make Lists!




The thing that Twilight does more, and quite possibly better then everyone, is make lists! It's defiantly something that I have started to try out more and more, in fact I even have 3 notebooks purely for different types of lists!


Without lists I have a feeling Twilight would struggle smile.png.

Time Table!


Second to her list making is here ability to make time tables. Multiple times we see her with her diary, time tabling in everything about her life! I mean, she never ever doesn't have time to do anything and manages to fit everything in. We see this especially in lesson Zero where she even seems to be able to make other people around her conform to her time table.


Having a detailed diary is defiantly a good way to achieve this and I will defiantly be taking a leaf out of Twilight book and buying a diary and finning it in!


She maybe over does time tabling to an extent, but can you blame her?

Go to the Library!


(so I wrote it out and them my pc crashed and deleted this paragraph, writing it again sucks)


Twilight sparkle lives in a library. So surely there must be a reason for this?


So 2 days ago, I actually decided to takes a leaf out of Twilight Sparkles book, and went to a library. Now I have not been to a library ever in my life, and I really had to force myself to go. Once I was in there though, I was amazed at how the atmosphere allowed me to work for almost 3 hours straight (sadly my laptop died as I forgot the cable), and I got so much done I couldn't believe it! The fact that I was surrounded by books also made me feel funny... like I wanted to read them.....


Read Books!



This seem's to be the one thing that Twilight loves doing the most, and I can see why. She know's so much about everything that she knows what's going to happen in a situation before she has even experienced it.


I have to admit, if I read more then many aspects of my course would be a lot easier (maybe if I read a book on time management I would even be able to manage my time better to read more biggrin.png! If Twilight found a book on making schedules then I'm sure there is one for this). I always want to do more reading, I mean even Rainbow Dash does reading!


So Thank you for reading, I hope you have learned a little bit, or at least thought about time management.


But overall, if all you took out of it was Twilight Sparkle is awesome, then that's OK to smile.png!


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