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The Stanley Parable and the odd psychological test

Skye Starlight


I've watched so many people play the game... Which, by the way, is available on steam. If you want it.


This blog will contain unmarked spoilers, as without them it's kinda hard to explain the psychological oddities I've found. Also, I have no idea how to mark them as spoilers.


So, a few things I've noticed in all the let's plays of it.


But first, if you haven't played it yet, and you want to save every experience for yourself, please do. Also, if you've played it before reading onwards, please comment. Whether it be pride because you didn't do what I have come to expect, or if you're normal, and you've realized that you're not so strange after all...



































1. Everyone goes in the broom closet. When they see it, they will enter it. The odd fact that you can open it, combined with it's obvious placement makes it so inexplicably attractive that everyone enters it. Few stay for the humorous commentary. Red buttons have a similar effect to the broom closet, except that once pressed you are devoted to whatever path that button creates. Entering the broom closet is as permanent as you want it to be.


2. Most people choose to do the right thing, even under circumstances where it would have little impact on their real lives.


3. Most people choose to disobey the narrator the first opportunity they get. Or, at least, they think it's the first opportunity.


Now, I'm not a psychologist, but I'm pretty sure that one would be fascinated with these results. Or maybe they're not all that surprised. Maybe they expected these things to happen.


Or maybe, just maybe, this is the perfect experiment. A test of obedience, wit and courage.


And there are many, many endings even I haven't seen yet.


A few peculiarities arose, of course. One of the players, for example, stayed in the broom closet until the narrator thought him dead. Another closed the door to their office accidentally and found one of the endings. Another got an achievement for doing a set of strange actions, given to him by the narrator. Another was freaking out because the narrator had lost his memory. Another, after finding one of the more depressing endings, could no longer believe the happy ending was real. Another simply did what the narrator told him to, and found the happy end beautiful.


Everyone's experience was different, in part, because they each chose their own way. After their first ending, they each reacted differently to the same things... Except the broom closet... The broom closet was consistent across everything. Except the guy that stayed there.

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