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How well do I really know pokemon?

Skye Starlight


So, I thought I was good at pokemon, but upon attempting to name each and every pokemon, I failed miserably. I did it gen by gen, and didn't do the newest (gen 6, kalos region) because I know very little about the pokemon there. I found a challenge on sporcle to name all the pokemon from gen 1. And then found one for gen 2 and so on.


You want to know the results?


Well, I have screenshots. Miserable screenshots detailing how much I fail.


So, let's get started shall we? I'm putting the pics in spoilers so that I can


Gen 1:







I can't say I didn't expect that result. I never played a gen 1 game, nor did I ever play the remakes. I know them simply because they are the ones that everyone seems to know.


Gen 2:







Oh dear... That got worse. That's an F on this gen. I got less than 50%! I got 42%! That was easy to calculate...


Gen 3:







I at least scraped this one. Exactly 50%. It's sad because Pokemon Sapphire was my very first video-game. Oh dear lord. That's horrible. I didn't even remember the golem trio!


Gen 4:







That's better! Although I didn't remember all the legendaries... again. Well, let's see what the most hated gen has in store for me!








Well, I passed... More than I can say for most of the others. I may have gotten impatient with how much I was forgetting with this one and looked some of the up though...




So I'm not great... Heck I even forgot Snorlax! How in the name of all that is holy does a Sparkles* fangirl forget his favorite pokemon?


Anyway, let's see my total score:




I can name 51.77% of all pokemon! I passed! Just... And I cheated a bit... So I might need to remove that score and...




I failed... Well and truly. I couldn't even remember Emboar, Servine or Stoutland really.


But I know all 18 types!



Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Bug, Rock, Flying, Psychic, Dark, Ghost, Fighting, Normal, Fairy, Dragon, Ice, Ground, Poison and Steel!



And I learnt how to use the spoiler tags too!


I'm not such a failure after all!


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You forgot the ??? type. wink.png

Oh darn it... The type of the move Curse... Or was it changed to ghost? I dunno... But yes, I forgot a type...

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