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autoCAD (kinda) hates ponies.

repsol rave



so yeah, i was bored and just finished a school project in autoCAD, then suddenly the idea hit me to draw a pony with the program...

and suddenly an error pops up.

i've been working with autoCAD for 2 years now, and never had an error, but when i try to draw a pony suddenly it crashes :c

guess autoCAD hates ponies.



so after struggeling for about an hour with over 60 different circles and stuff i came up with something that very distantly hints to twilight's head.

i'm gonna leave it at that. i think this prooves autoCAD was not made for artisitic purposes, but purely for blueprints and other technical drawings...


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I've drawn things on 2014 CADD Inventor. Never used Auto CADD before but would love the chance because right now my favorite subject in school is CADD!

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Yeah probably would hae been better of drawing in photoshop.  But hey now your thinking with angels

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